Sharing your Photos online for free using Snapfish


Snapfish is a combination of different easy to use services for printing of photos and sharing 1000 photos for free online. Sending of your photos to local Kiosk or Walgreens is also possible. The step wise photo ordering of photos through Snapfish is also easy. When you order your photos yours tracking number is directly featured on your welcome screen. At max you can share 1000 photos online with your friends and relatives. This photo stays on the site for lifetime. 

Sharing your Photo using Snapfish 

To start at first you have to create an account. To create an account click on the link provided Snapfish. After signing in the page shown in Fig.1 will be opened. 


Figure.1 Opening Page

In the opening page click the option Upload Photos. Then the Album Naming page will be opened as shown in Fig.2. The default name of the album will be the date of the day.


Figure.2 Naming the Album

In the next page you have to install Snapfish Activex Control. When the software is installed the page in Fig.3 will open.  


Figure.3 Photo Uploading Page

In the photo upload page you have to click Select photos command button. Then you will have to browse your photos that you have to upload. Shown in Fig.4; 


Figure.4 Selecting Photos for Upload 

After uploading the photos the album will be as seen in Fig.5. 


Figure.5 Album with Photo Uploaded 

For sharing the photo album click on My Account, the page in Fig.6 will open. There click Add Friends command button.


Figure.6 Adding a Friend Page 

After you click the add friend the contact details of the friend will be opened. You have to fill the details shown in Fig.7; 


Figure.7 Friends Details Page 

After you add the details the friend of yours will get an email. Following the link through the email he can view the photos. 

Snapfish is a great photo sharing software available online. To order your photo is also a good feature available in this software. Using this feature you can order number of prints at reasonable rates. For knowing the rates visit the Snapfish site.