ACDSee 17 Review


ACDSee Systems International has released ACDSee 17 with some new set of features in their photo editing software for windows platform. They made sure that the new version comes at a competitive price for the existing customers of ACDSee 17.

ACDSee 17

The new release comes with a better interface and many filter options. The radial gradient tool is one of the best additions in this release. This helps you to create off Centre vignette effects or you can use it to bring attention to a particular part of the frame. Now, you can also create as many ACD databases as you wish and you can quickly switch amongst them. Speed of browsing the pictures is pretty fast. You can also search and find photos that have no keywords. Some people may like this feature since you don’t have to assign different keywords to photos that you store and remember the same.

ACDSee 17

All together they have made it more user friendly with the new interface and the improved browsing speed. If you had never used ACDSee before then you have the option to try it for free. One of the cons that I saw was the cost for a new buyer was 79.95$. But currently they are giving 37% discount on this price, which looks better.

ACDSee 17

If you are new to this tool then I would like to inform you that it comes with all the basic features needed for a post processing software like viewing and editing raw files of all camera types, converting the same to different file formats like jpeg, tiff or png, color correcting the photos, making instant slide shows, tilt shift effect, noise removal, brush options, light & color adjustments and many others. You can also upload your photos directly to Facebook too, which is a common feature seen nowadays in any photo processing tool.