Editing photos

After you did a great shot you would like to improve your photos in the computer. And this is the right section of Photo HowTo you should visit. There are the articles about editing photos using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and other most known photo editing tools.

How to colorize black and white photos online

How to colorize black and white photos online

There are many tools and applications you can use to colorize your old photos. Most of them are too much complicated for a common user. But there is a new website which is able to colorize the black and white photos online.

How to take photo of a raindrop?

How to take photo of a raindrop?

Raindrop can be photographed in different ways. It depends on the viewpoint of the photographer. Suppose you want to photograph of a raindrop ready to drip from the leaf of a plant then you need to get closer to the raindrop. Make sure that you frame the picture in such a way that it gives a pleasant look to the viewer. You can make use of the macro mode in your camera, if it supports that.

How to prevent Red Eyes in Photos

How to prevent Red Eyes in Photos

Red Eye is an unwanted phenomenon in photography that occurs when we take photos in low light using a flash. In simple words it’s just the reflection of light from our eyes because of the intense light falling on to it. Now, the question will be how to avoid these uninteresting red eyes from photos. The immediate answer that comes to our mind would be to fix it using some image-processing tool like Photoshop. Let us see, how to avoid this while taking the picture itself so that we don’t have to work twice.

How to set Black and White points in Lightroom 4

How to set Black and White points in Lightroom 4

Setting the black and white point is very critical to bring out the correct exposure of the photo, especially when you are shooting in raw format. Many of the amateur photographers find it difficult to set the same.

Understanding a Histogram

Understanding a Histogram

Most of the people who use a digital camera or a DSLR camera would have come across the histogram and many still don’t know what information to grab from it. Understanding histogram is a pretty easy thing. In simple words, it tells you whether the captured image is properly exposed or not. This will help you to improve as a photographer.

Four Exciting Ways To Edit Your Photographs

The second most important thing about photography nowadays is understanding that post-processing doesn’t come in the darkroom anymore. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot you can do with proper photo-processing software.

How to remove people from photo using Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery, the free editor and photo manager from Microsoft, has a nice feature called Photo Fuse. It's primarily targeted to create collages where you can improve people's faces. But it can be also used to remove the people from the photography. It is extremely useful if you want the image from the town and without anyone.

Simple Techniques You Can Use To Enhance Your Images Using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

Some time ago, we discussed a bunch of simple tips you can use to make your photos stand out from the crowd. Last time, we worked on a landscape however this time it should be interesting to work on a portrait, and prove the power of Lightroom with just a few clicks.

How to add depth of field to your photography

Depth of field is one of the most used photography techniques which result in a nice photography. The depth of field is given by the objective and the lenses. However if you use the automatic mode on your camera and the image looks flatten and without any depth effect then you can improve the photography using the software.

Go Beyond Your Camera: Just Because You Can

Big things come in small packages; in this case, that statement is a lot more literal. Before you snap that perfect shot you always gotta make sure the resolution of your camera is at its most logical setting, as always there are a few guidelines to any adjustments you plan to make regarding your camera’s digital capture.

Cropping And Retouching Your Images For Better Quality

Imagine you are having a birthday party for your four-year-old daughter; it’s one of her biggest parties yet. You decide you want to snap a photo of her and her little friends together to cement the occasion for all time.

Color Theory – Colors Before Photography

What is color? Why is it there? What’s its purpose besides adding character to the world around you? These are questions humanity has asked itself since well… probably the beginning of time. Do we have an answer?

Adobe Photoshop CS5 – A Photographer’s Review

The long awaited version of Photoshop CS5 is now out there! You can purchase the software or trial run it for a short period. For the most part, we have a lot of experience with the Beta version and felt it was important to post some thoughts on what it has to offer.

Adobe Lightroom 3 and geotagging: step by step how-to

The new version of great photo organizer and editor Adobe Lightroom 3 still lacks geotagging support. It should be able to work with images already containing GPS information, but you do not have any chance how to set them. But there is one third party and free solution at least: special plugin for Lightroom 3 with geotagging features.

Black and White Photography: How To Give Your Photographs An Eclectic Look With Photoshop and Lightroom

Black and white photography always had a certain je ne sais quoi, it speaks differently to the viewer – the lack of colors is compensated by the depth of the subject and by the way shadows and light build the entire image. In other words, if color photography is easily valued through its… colors, with black and white images it is a lot harder to send out the right message – one has to be a lot careful with composition, subject positioning, lightning and so on.