Canon EOS 40D

Canon EOS 40D is a 10.1 Mega pixel digital camera. High resolution images can be obtained with the help of this 10.1 Mega pixel camera. It has got a 14bit analog to digital converter. Images can be obtained in three sizes. These includes 3888 x 2592, 2816 x 1880 and 1936 x 1288 sizes.

Canon EOS 40D Features

The pixel pitch of the Canon EOS 40D is 5.7 µm. It utilizes DIGIC III image processor for its functioning. The metering range is between 0.0 to 20 EV. Canon EOS 40D comes with a 3 inch LCD display. It has got a frame rate of 6.5 fps.

It also supports wireless connectivity which makes it easier for sharing pictures. Canon has added anti dust features into EOS 40D. It has got a 6.5 fps continuous mode. With the help of improved 9 point AF array EOS 40D is able to provide good speed when compared to its previous models. It supports 18 languages and has got 24 custom functions. It supports both auto and manual focus modes.

Weight and Looks

It weighs 822 gram together with battery. It has got rugged looks. The dimension of the camera is 146 x 108 x 74 mm. The focusing screens in EOS 40D are interchangeable.

Battery and Pricing

It utilizes rechargeable battery back, BP-511A. The battery charger is also included with the pack. Connector cable for connecting the camera to the computer is also provided. By using this facility you can share the photos taken. The price of Canon EOS 40D is around $1,299.

Pros and cons

  • High resolution images can be obtained
  • Advanced live viewing facility.
  • It is costly so everyone cannot afford to buy it.