Nikon S80 – A Fashionable Addition

Nikon has presented the newest addition to the COOLPIX line up and don’t let its good looks fool you, this model is one of the leading cameras in technology. Even from what we see, we can tell that the new S80 plans on changing a few things in this industry but does so with class and style. It has a multi touch Organic LED screen, 14.1 MP, 5x zoom NIKKOR lens and it can also shoot movies in HD. The case is very stylish and is also easy to use and Nikon will guarantee for the amazing results.

The touch screen brings something new to the table with functions like Touch Shutter that gives the user an ability to focus and take pictures just by touching the screen. You can easily frame the shots and the high resolution, 819.000 dots, OLED touch screen makes browsing much easier and editing available just with a simple touch.

Nikon  S80 - fashionable camera

Filming in HD with stereo sound has never been this easy and the S80 is perfect at everything it does from taking pictures from recording and it is this multi format technology that makes it so popular. Once you are done filming, you can easily play it back on the large 3.5 inch screen or you can just connect it to a compatible TV and view your crisp images from there.

Nikon S80

Nikon S80

Nikon really made a fashionable camera which has a very thin case available in red or black. It can easily fit in a shirt pocket and will always be at reach when needed. If you don’t plan on twitching with every setting available and just taking pictures fast and clear, the Easy Auto Mode is for you and will make sure you get those results without having to worry about the details. The stylish case covers one of Nikon’s best creations, and it has a 5 built-in anti-blur function that will immortalize any image as you see it.

Nikon S80 with ViewNX 2

The COOLPIX S80 has a EXPED C2 processor engine that will surely grant the users more possibilities than ever before with improved levels image quality. This engine is specially designed for this model and you can say it is both the heart and brain of it producing beautiful results with on command technologies.

As a special add on to the S80, Nikon has fitted it with ViewNX 2 that is a special software package which helps users to import, browse, edit pictures and movies and a much faster speed and also much easier. They also took the advanced movie editing functions from the DSLR range and made this camera ahead if its class. Nikon offers the new ViewNX 2 for free on their site and it is available with all the digital cameras from this well know producer.

Zoom, movies, sound

This camera is really something unique and it is only expected from Nikon but it seems that they never stop to amaze professionals and amateurs alike. The S80 has stabilized 5x zoom that can provide 35-175mm equivalent range. A thing worth mentioning is that is has stereo microphones that will definitely complement the 720p movie recoding with full stereo sound.

With this model, Nikon has shown why it is the leading touch screen camera category. In conclusion, it is not just a pretty gadget but a very useful and easy to use camera that can be of much help of starting amateurs and experienced professionals alike. The slim design makes it easy to handle and easy to carry when on the move and the Nikon technologies makes it worth its weight in gold.