How to take photos for eBay?

If you have a stunning watch, a camera which is too costly but you don’t like it to use and probably you will like to sell it. Then you will place the description of your thing on eBay and you will try your best to describe your product as a whole but today nobody have sufficient time to read your description just think if you could just place a mind blowing snap of your product on ebay, then the person just by watching the snap will be tempted to read your description given by you. You will come to know here the importance of picture. So taking a snap of you product for featuring it on ebay is also an art.  


  • Any camera having resolution 4 Mega Pixel or above.
  • Select a environment having sufficient light (don’t select environment with Sunlight) 

Taking the actual Photo 

1] Use environment containing light from any natural source a burst of flash light is good but the inbuilt flash is usually too harsh as your subject can contain some glaring spots as shown in Image 1. It is good to use an off-camera flash or you can also use two bright lights. Natural light used should be soft like in overcast day or in shade of wall. Also keep in mind the entire main features of your subject must be well lighted. Also you can use third condition of indoor light as shown in Image.4 not from windows or flash strobe but by using a camera which is adjustable by keeping the ISO level high.


Image.1 Glaring Spot Due to flash light 

2] Your eBay subject must be kept sharp by keeping every important detail of your product appearing clear and crisp. A focused photo is always noticeable when your subject is enlarged in the ebay ad.

3] Getting a closer photo of your subject is a good option. Always keep in mind your picture frame must contain most of your subject so that the picture can grab the viewer attention and also viewers like to see the fine details of subject.

4] Always keep in mind in case of background simplicity is the key. In the background take care that there are no any bright lights or any other distraction as they divert the user’s attention from the subject as shown in Image.1. Plain cloth with a light color serves as best option in this case. 


Image.2 Glaring Spot in Background

5] After you have taken the snap edit the picture in any of the available photo editor and get rid of the irregularities involved. Save your file in JPEG file format other formats must not be used. You can also go for GIF format but using JPEG is the best option. 

According to me many times I had edited the images using Internet Photo Studio from Argraph Digital Imaging (It cost near about 200$). Successful implementation of following steps could bring you well out comes as shown below; 


Image.3 Blend of perfect Back Ground and Environment


Image.4 Use of Indoor Light

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