Classic Beauty – Leica DLUX 5

Leica is happy to announce that they will soon make a new addition to the digital compact camera range. The new Leica DLUX 5 made its debut at Photokina this year and the expectations are high. It makes itself stand out from previous models by offering a much faster Leica DC Vario-Summicron 5.1 – 19.2mm f/2 – 3.3 ASPH lens.

Professionals look forward to this release because Leica states that the new camera will change the way we see photography and that the image clarity as well as the camera performances will be better than what most of us expect.

To help users and to provide different results, there is a wide range of features and manual settings as well as a new broader spectrum of options offered exclusively by the new Leica DLUX 5. It can also record HD movies at 720p and it comes with optional accessories that will definitely offer new possibilities and open a new range of opportunities for amateurs and professionals alike.

As far as the aspect goes, this is pretty robust and it may appear to be simple when looking at the front of it. The back reveals the big LCD display and the shortcut buttons on the right of the camera as well as a few scrolls on top. The handle may not be as good as some other similar cameras from other manufacturers but it does look very practical and easy to use and it gives the sense of professionalism to anyone that uses it.

Leica DLUX 5 lens

The Leica DLUX 5 with 19.2 mm lens is great for any occasion and it will always give outstanding results no matter what the challenge is and how you choose to use it. From macro to landscapes and from wide-angle architecture to portraits, this camera does it all and it makes it look very simple with all the automatic settings that don’t take away from the art of photography but just makes the shooting process easier for the user. Lighting is not a problem for this camera and it will always function at its best even when the light is less than perfect and this is where the camera gets noticed as being one of the great ones and will offer pictures that will stand out.

Leica DLUX 5

Leica DLUX 5

Some of the features include quite a large sensor for this type of camera and the 1/1.63 inch CCD image sensor really changes the quality of the images making them sharper and with greater detail. This combined with the lens makes for a finely tuned piece of equipment that can make the most out of any shot.

Image quality of Leica DLUX 5

The quality of the images is as you would expect from the new Leica DLUX 5 and that is nothing less than prefect. It can deliver images in different formats which also includes 1:1 that is a great choice for creative composition. The pictures can be viewed on the superb monitor that has a great viewing angle so that users can easily show off their work to others. At a resolution of 460 thousand pixels, it is no wonder why Leica states that this monitor is a great and useful tool of the new DLUX 5.

All in all the new Leica DLUX 5 keeps with the tradition that Leica has made us get used to and it does so by offering a camera with clear lines and simple yet efficient design. It manages to stand out in an industry that is very competitive by offering high quality features with a traditional design that bares the Leica logo. It is available from October 2010 and at price of just under 800 dollars.