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How To Take Great Beach Photos – Essential Tips

How To Take Great Beach Photos – Essential Tips

One of the most popular ways to get out of the house, whether for a vacation or a weekend getaway, is to pack up and head to the beach. You don't have to wait in line to get in, there's plenty of room for everyone and there's no dress code. In addition, you can work on your tan after spending all week under the artificial lights of home and the office.

5 Natural Lighting Tips That You Should Be Practicing

With the photograph, you can tell a story, and atmosphere or a mood. Photographs allow us to share with others what it was like to be with the person, at a place or the beauty of the thing.

This Spring's Awesome Feature - Landscape Photography

Have you ever experienced this: you are traveling through some of the most scenic terrain that you have ever seen, you hurriedly get out  and snap photographs the most beautiful overlooks.

Improving Product Quality – 8 Tips To Get You Started

Taking great photographs that have that magazine like quality is not luck, it takes practice and skill. It is like playing the violin, you cannot become first chair if you aren’t willing to put the time in. There are no short cuts to greatness, you have to practice, make mistakes, fix the problems and then practice even harder.

Ten Tips For Awesome iPhone Photography

Are you one of the many people that have a smartphone camera without knowing exactly how to use it to better advantage? Most of the people that have them are familiar with the various filters that can be used to make pictures look great or even hilarious, but is there more that can be done with them is what many wonder?

Wedding Photography - Portraying That Perfect Day

There are no real rules when it comes to photography or the different styles that photographers will choose to follow. At one time there were unspoken rules on how some photos were achieved. This included wedding photos. The photographers used to shoot from a list and did most of the photos for wedding albums in a controlled environment and sequence.

Six Tips for Great Photos in the Dark

Night time photography just requires a few creative tips. Here are seven that will help your night photos shine. All photography requires some light; even night time shooting. If you want those colors to really pop in your night-time photos then taking them at dusk, instead of full dark, will do just that. With a small amount of light and a faster shutter speed, colors and details will jump right out of your photos.

Upgrading Your Photography Gear - Your 2013 Shopping List

Whether you are an experienced photographer or you have just bought your first DSLR, upgrading your photography gear is never out of place. Remember, photography is not a cheap hobby, but if you choose your gear carefully, it will serve you for years. So what is there on the market this year? Here are a few things worth investing in.

Winter Photography Ideas - Taking Advantage Of Winter Scenarios

If you think winter has nothing to offer when it comes to taking some great photos, well, it’s not true. You’ll definitely miss your chance of creating a photo masterpiece if you sit in warmth and comfort of your home. Besides, it’s not always that miserable outside – winter scenarios can be  quite charming in their simplicity and restrained beauty.

2013 Photography Trends - What To Lookout For In The New Year

It’s no secret that technology and photography are inseparable these days. Actually, it’s been always this way, since the first camera was invented. One may say, it’s not important what you use to take a photo, but how you use it, and perhaps it’s true, but there is no harm in knowing what is there on the market today. Being aware of modern trends is  definitely capable of adding extra quality to your photography. At the same time, there is no need to go to extremes, after all trends come and go.