Features and Functionality of ISO

ISO sensitivity will express the amount of speed in photographic negative material. ISO Sensitivity varies from ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 or equivalent. It denotes the sensitivity of the picture sensor to the total light present. If you want to take photographs where there is less light you should increase the ISO speed, it is more sensitive to the photo sensor.

ISO Speed and Exposure while taking Photographs

To get correct exposure you need to use ISO speed which affects the combination of aperture and shutter speed. Assume if the cameras light meter prompts saying that there s not sufficient light to take a shot then you can use o-board flash and still if you are not allowed then you will have to use higher ISO. Select ISO Auto your camera will adjust ISO automatically according to the picture. If its not there then adjust manually till you get correct picture. There can be another possibility too like if the shutter speed is very low in the camera to get a steady and move free picture or aperture is not opening or if you don't have a three stand tripod or any problem just select Higher ISO so that you will be able to use shutter speed with fastest speed.

ISO Speed & Image Sensor Size

ISO speed range is determined from the size of the image Sensor that a digital camera uses to neglect noise. Most of consumer cameras uses smaller image sensor so high ISO makes noise and it is a problem. In digital camera uses large image sensor so its very less noisy and the use of a high ISO in images with very less noise.

Practical Considerations

  • To get the best picture quality with lowest ISO is also possible on the digital camera. First click on Menu option there will be default option Auto ISO you can change it to the lowest ISO on your digital camera.
  • Use lowest ISO on your digital camera to get the best picture quality in the daytime.
  • Use higher ISO to get good image in low light places or you can also use flash.

It's important for you to control noise and grain depending upon how creative you want to become. Now even with black and white you can add in more noise by using editing software. So you will be able to control noise and you can either increase it or remove completely depending upon what way do you want.

You can use shutter speed, ISO, Aperture to control the light. Once you come to now about how to use them it will be easy for you take good photographs and edit them.