Removal of Red Eye Defect using Smilart Fan Studio Online Photo Editor

Smilart Fan Studio is an innovative project of the Smilart Company that enables the users to edit and change their digital photos online, for free! Thus now the users need not have highly paid techno software installed on their computers. Neither does this software need any registration, all you need is a computer and Internet access to it. This is trouble-free software with a simplistic user friendly interface that does not tantalize amateur photo editors to learn difficult techniques of photo editing.

Smilart Fan Studio is easy and can be used by any novice photographers, who intend to have error free cool photos, make little retouching and that’s it! Permutation of simple interface and variety range of cool editing functions provides sufficient opportunities to novices along with the professionals in photo editing. It is so easy that even your kids will find it easy to manage the simple and convenient editing tools. It will not only amaze you with their beginner creativity, but also foster their creativity in field of image editing and develop their aesthetic skills. Such a variety of functions renders the users with a massive amount of options and user- friendly interface is extremely comprehensible.

Smilart Fan Studio is basically for a conventional photographer which is a sort of a model that is clearly shown by variety of functions presented it in. Usually not much of a skill is needed to expertise in field of photo-editing. Be it removal of noise effects, changing its dimensions or orientation, cropping the image, removal of red-eye effect, adding some light, changing contrast, etc. All these things can be easily done with the simplistic functions available. All the more the users can also give their photos, a vintage look or even turn a color picture into the black-white effect.

The actions are simple and any action taken is shown right away on the panel which is on right hand side of the screen. It is also a great benefit to remove any effects at a single click. All you need to do is to remove a ‘tick’ from the square that denotes the corresponding function. Moreover, you can always revert it back, whenever you want, and the change will be made again, if you decide! This allows you the freedom of doing anything you wish to do with your photos just by one click selection of all the functions tried out and then decide on the appropriate combination of functions to get the desired results.

Another very important feature is a button by pressing and holding which the user can judge against the current image with the original photo any time during the process that allows you to decide which one suits better. This important image is located below the picture being edited. Yet another feature is automatic picture improvement function that allows you to improve the quality of your photos by just one click. This magical function chiefly change light and sharpness, but it does not correct the red eyes defect. However there is available a special function that ensures you to take care of your picture’s defect quite professionally. You can also save these results on your computer or even upload it online on your favorite photography sites. 

Removal of red eye defect

One simple step and the red eye defect are gone.

The welcome screen appears as shown in screenshot 1. Now click on the browse button and select the photo you want to edit.


After the image has been selected, click on the first button correct “red eyes”, and wait for it to correct the defect.


Get the corrected image, red eye free photos, as shown in screenshot. 3.