Filters – Which Filters Work Best

The truth is, there aren’t any filters that will make your portraits insanely great. The tool is your skill. But that doesn’t mean filters can’t really make things interesting. The point of using filters is to gain a certain advantage over a certain situation.

Graduated Neutral Density Filters - How And When Should You Use Them

In photography, we learn to take advantage of whatever means we can in order to obtain the desired results. And filters are just some of the most interesting tools you can use to enhance the result.

ND Filters - A Short Introductive Guide To Neutral Density Filters

Know as ND, Neutral Density filters can be found in any professional photographer worth their salt. Amateurs generally stay away from these plain looking grey filters. That’s right, plain grey.

Understanding Polarizer Lens Filter: What is a polarizer good for after all?

Any photographer knows to some degree the importance of using lens filters – even if we are discussing about a typical UV filter (which most people use to protect their lenses, rather than for any other real purpose) or something more complicated and complex like a polarizer or ND filter.