Adobe Lightroom 3 and geotagging: step by step how-to

The new version of great photo organizer and editor Adobe Lightroom 3 still lacks geotagging support. It should be able to work with images already containing GPS information, but you do not have any chance how to set them. But there is one third party and free solution at least: special plugin for Lightroom 3 with geotagging features.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2: what’s new?

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is nice freeware utility for geotagging your photos and adding some metadata information to them. I have mentioned it in my June’s article Microsoft Pro Photo Tools: geotagging and metadata editing. Now, Microsoft comes with second version of this application. It brings a few changes in user interface, RAW and HD photos support and much more.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools: geotagging and metadata editing

How many Microsoft's software do you know? There is famous Windows operating system, office suite MS Office, Visual Studio for developers, designer set Microsoft Expression and perhaps several other giants. However it is surprising how many freeware tools are offered by Microsoft. Take a look at Microsoft Pro Photo Tools for batch editing of your photos especially for geotagging.