Microsoft Pro Photo Tools: geotagging and metadata editing

How many Microsoft's software do you know? There is famous Windows operating system, office suite MS Office, Visual Studio for developers, designer set Microsoft Expression and perhaps several other giants. However it is surprising how many freeware tools are offered by Microsoft. Take a look at Microsoft Pro Photo Tools for batch editing of your photos especially for geotagging.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is a small simple application that will help you with various metadata information editing within your digital photos. Yes, I know that perhaps something similar offer all current applications for managing multimedia files, but why we shouldn't take a look at the Microsoft's way for this.

Download this software from Microsoft website. Please note that you have to pass the Windows validation process. This software works on Windows XP SP2 and above (hence the Windows Vista), for its running, however, you need to install. NET Framework 3.0 if you do not have it already.

Geotagging and Live Local

Perhaps the most interesting part of Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is a mapping of GPS information to the pictures. I presume that you saw it in the latest Zoner Photo Studio or Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, which display a small map showing the location which your currently displayed photos were taken in. This offers various Internet services too, such as Panoramio from Google. But at first you have to associate the GPS information to the photos.

The easiest situation is when you have GPS and file recorded during your trip. Then load this file directly to the Microsoft Pro Photo Tools software. However do not despair; this program will be useful for you even if you don't own any GPS device.

  1. Use File|Open Image(s) function to load images.
  2. Press Ctrl-A to select all loaded images.
  3. Click on the Location button and provide the photo information to the Street, City, State or Country input boxes. This information is about where have you your photos taken.
  4. Click on the Get GPS info button. The software with help of Microsoft Live Local maps will search for the area and displays its coordinates.

Once you click the Get location text button the software add the remaining information. This can be done even if you have a set of GPS data but you are lazy to type it yourself. At the bottom of the window are displayed the loaded photos. Click on the Map Browse tab -the map indicating areas where you have the photos taken should appear. Dragging the red indicator you can adjust the GPS data.

Metadata editing

In addition to the GPS information you can edit additional data, such as descriptions of pictures, rating, keywords, copyright, date or category. EXIF information is available only for reading. Upon completion of your adjustments, click the File|Save all images with new data function and your changes will be saved.

Microsoft Photo Pro Tools is a simple useful utility for geotagging. Here is a link to download it.