How to take Photographs of Sunset

Taking the photo right is one of the trickiest way of taking the photographs. You are not alone who would like to capture the nature’s beautiful moments in the camera. There are many who love to capture these beautiful moments. This is possibly because they permeate a sense of peace in all of us. Following these steps will help you to shoot beautiful sunset photos. It’s all about mastering the basics and once you are mastered in it, trust, it’s really easy.

Step 1: Put off the flash of your camera 

Light is the important aspect while taking any photographs, and while taking photograph of a sunset, the light of the sunset shall be considered. You have to turn off your flash as there may be a case wherein your flash may trigger automatically in low light. You can find this option by going through your flash option menu in your camera.


Image 1 Photograph of the Sunset at Lake Side

Step 2: Position yourself

Now position yourself in such a way so that you can get a full view of the sunset. You can make this if you make yourself stand on some high point. The other option would be taking the photo of the sunset at the sea shore or lake side so that you can also capture the reflection of the sun on water. Try thinking creative ways of viewing the sunset as this will enhance the glory of your sunset pictures. For example you may take sunset photo between leaves of trees or mountains. Clouds even add a nice backdrop while shooting sunset photos. Clouds add color and texture to the photographs.


Image 2 Photograph of the Sunset between leaves of trees

Step 3: Positioning the camera

The third important preparatory step is filling the camera frame with the sky. Remember that the center of the frame should be pointed above the horizon line. You can now and fill the frame with the color and light as per your requirements. This will help the camera’s light meter to expose properly.


Image 3 Photograph of sunset in clouds

Step 4: Start Shooting

Now after positioning yourself and your camera start shooting at the sunset. You need to continuously keep shooting the sunset photos. This is really important because you have very less time period as after sometime the sun actually sets. So keep shooting. Try to capture as many shots as you can so that later you can select the best out of it. Once you get practiced your photographs will start getting better and better.

Step 5: Zoom In

It is always better to bring along a telephoto lens when shooting sunsets. If you are using a digital camera you can use the zoom in option which can help you to actually make the sun larger and impressive.

digital camera

Image 4 Settings display of Camera

It’s a great pleasure to take Sunset photos. However, there are challenges that need to be overcome to make the photos look unique. Exposure settings may be tricky, and there is a restricted time to take the sunset photos. Using the following steps will help you to improve your techniques of taking photographs and will lead to a better results.