How to take Photographs of Sunrise

Taking photographs at sunrise may add keenness and love to your travel photos. For exciting photos, you should consider taking pictures during sunrise as it is the best time to view the beauty of the nature. The rising sunlight flame can laze around a scene in orange light, adding excitement, saga, and warmth to the images. Since these times may vary depending on location, you can find local sunrise times for your current place. Here are some tips on getting clear, stirring and charming sunrise photographs. It's really very straightforward so trust and try it one time. 


Image 1 Sunrise (source)

Tip 1: Check out the location earlier

Find a scenic area in the day when there is ample of time and not when you are scrambling around during short periods of sunrise.

Tip 2: Look into the newspaper /the local television stations for exact sunrise times. 

Plan your day so you don't want to be waiting for a test at a restaurant during the climax sunrise period.

Tip 3: Be very cautious when pointing your lens towards the sun

The sun can blemish your camera lens. So after taking the photographs, straight away place a lens cap on the camera.

Tip 4: Experiment 

Take photos where more of the sky is present and the others where landscape is visible. Obtain a pair rotating the camera at 90 degrees to the plane to get the sky/ landscape in your photograph.

Tip 5: Utilize a tripod if possible

Start up by the sun rises and will help to take very apparent and brusque photographs.

Image 2 Sunrise Photograph at Goa, India



Add a Subject to Your Photo 

Sunrise is nice, if the scene contains stunning colors, massive clouds and fast-rolling waves. But too many of these photos can be unimaginative.  Also try to add an outline, such as:

  • A person or people.
  • An animal e.g. bird/dog etc.
  • A sailboat/watercraft.
  • Trees/shrubs.
  • An extensive bridge.

Obtaining certain subjects into the photo may need tolerance, but they really help to add depth and outlook to the photos. 


Image 3 Early Sunrise photograph (source)

Arrive Early  

The difference between taking immense sunrise photos and shooting only average photos is the tolerance the photographer has in staying through the entire event. Shooting in popular vicinity, by arriving early for sunrises, has a better chance of seeing birds/animals.  

Going through the above mentioned tips will help you to capture the most beautiful moments of sunrise.

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Image 4: Camera Settings