How to take Pictures from a Moving Train/car?

There is always somewhat about the vision from any moving vehicle that I have appreciated. The main effect to keep in mind if one think of shooting out of the window of a moving means of transport like car, train, bus, plane etc. 

Motion haze

While taking a picture out of the side window of a high-speed moving car/high-speed train, the result will be as distorted like if you were standing still while a car/train was passing by you. What matters is the speed of the two objects relative to each other.

While taking photos from the train/car, the closer stuff will be definitely vague the most and the ones in the remoteness will be vague the smallest amount.


Image 1: Picture taken from a moving car (source)

How to cope with this?

  • Simply boost the shutter rate, as you would do to congeal the movement of a fast moving theme.
  • Take a photo at 1/1000 s that will be less vague than the one which is taken at 1/60 s.
  • Generally it is always best to set the camera to time automatic so that there is no hoax with the arrangement for each photo.


The main drawback is that it reduces the depth of the field. While shooting from a car/train, you generally deal with unlimited distances anyhow.
It is an amazing idea to set the camera to manual focus at an immeasurable distance. Never forget to reset the camera to its normal chore when you end moving.

The other facet of motion haze is it will be well-defined while shooting from the side window than out of the front/rear window.  


Image 2: Photo taken from a moving car (source)

While shooting pictures there are some of the basic needs that will help in taking a beautiful picture from a moving car/train:

  1. A Camera with shutter speed.
  2. Wide and Normal zoom lens e.g. 1-2.2 cm
  3. About the need of the lens it should be very clear so that it can take best images without any hassle.
  4. Replace the lens cap so the quality of the photo is not damaged.

The time it takes to take the picture at a sluggish speed, the near entity is not even in enfolding any longer. The final photo will be blurred. The far entity shift fairly a bit inside enfold of the image, but less than the near one.

Result: Fewer motions haze at the similar shutter rate

While taking pictures from front window, the remote entity becomes a bit superior on the photo during the time needed to acquire photo leading to a slight whoosh effect. The photograph must not be distorted.


Image 3: Photo taken from moving plane (source)

Obstacle by Objects

While taking photos from side window of a moving car/train a lot of things can come into view like bushes, trees, lamp posts and electricity lines. While shooting find out for such objects and take photos only when they are not around any more. By the way if this is not likely and there is a particularly wonderful landscape what exactly should be done is that set the camera to take numerous pictures in the row. The chance is that one will be usable. Once again while setting shutter speed and manual focus in advance is sensible.


One can’t be neutral and relaxed on a moving train. Never edge your hobby to just looking for a new place and talking to people. So it is better to take photo of the fast moving train/car and enjoy the most decent charm of it. Just to ride the train creates a unique experience that helps to enjoy and offer some exclusive pictorial opportunity as well.  

digital camera

Image 4: Camera display settings