How to take products photographs?

Taking the photographs of products is many a times headache for many of us. Most of the times the product has to be featured on internet or advertisement banners for marketing of the product. It is obvious that the product must grab the attention of customers. So taking the photos and taking attractive photos of different products are two different concepts. This article will prove to be beneficial to the product dealers and the advertisers.  


Image.1 Video Games and Goodies Photo Edited with Photo Editor (source)

Steps Involved in taking the photographs

Use of Light or Flash (both internal and external) 

For spotlighting the product a big burst of flash is advantageous. The internal flash of the cameras are harsher than the external one, so avoid using them. If you are using lights which are natural, then the light should be evenly distributed and soft in appearance. Outdoor light on solid overcast days will help you. Shades of walls or trees will also do. All the main areas of the subject should be lighted evenly, for achieving all this use external flash with a reflector which is movable. If you are using indoor lights use of flash is must but the external one, and keep the ISO of the camera to higher limit (even there is more noise in the image will do but keep the ISO high).

Subject Sharpness and Background 

Every detail of your subject should be clear and snappish. If the photo appearance is focused softly then the photo is noticed easily by the customer. Keep the camera stable with the tripod. When you are taking the snap closely keep the Aperture Priority to a deep depth.

Background and Distance of Camera from the subject 

If the photo is filled it grabs the user attention the most, as having a look at the finest details is what clients love to see. So for getting this feature in the photo get closer to the subject.

When it comes to the background selection, keeping it simple always helps. The background should not be distorted with distraction and lights which are harsh. If you are customizing the background by use of papers or cloths then use neutral colors, white is always the best option available. 


Image.2 Related objects with related Background (source)

Taking the Photo

Stability of the camera is the most important as movement in the camera at time of taking the photos can blur the main image. See to it that there is no any distraction object in between you and the subject. Keep the individuals away if they are passing by the way in between the subject and you.  


Image.3 Neutral Colors Background Reflects Less

Taking good product photographs does not require any special camera. Just a digital camera with resolution 4-5 Mega pixels will be good. If the products are expensive and you want that they should yield a good price then I is good to invest in a camera with advanced features. The cameras with high ISO rating and Aperture will give you a good quality image.