How to Take Passport Photos of Infants

How to take Passport Photos of Infants is certainly not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if you want them to sit still and not go to sleep. If you are good at entertaining, taking baby’s passport pictures will be a real breeze. On the other hand if you are one of those people who send a baby screaming for cover you may need a little help.

When you take passport pictures there are rules and regulations that must be adhered to set up by the government. The Babies eyes must be opened so your timing needs to be impeccable. The Passport photo of Infants must be done during a time when the baby is awake, and make sure there are no shadows on the babies face. In taking Passport Photos of Infants this can be a little complicated considering bright lights cause Infants to squint and how they love to wiggle.

There can be no objects in the babies mouth, no bottle no pacifier, and no objects in the photo. Make sure you keep that favorite toy out of sight and do not pick this time to chew anything; this can be more than a little disrupting. If you are lucky enough to have a younger sibling around and you can get their cooperation you may be able to get the babies attention easier. The Infant must look directly into the camera, so be careful with your angle. Both ears must be seen, this can be a real challenge for a 3 year old let alone an Infant.

If the Infant is too young to sit alone you might want to place the child in a baby seat and drape it in a white cloth. Be sure and set it up so that there are no visible wrinkles. You might even want to place your Infant on a white flat surface. Find a way to keep the Infants attention and take the photo, and while you are at it get someone to take a photo of you, you might just find it interesting.

You want the Infant to look into the camera so what ever you might be able to use to attract the Infants attention place it as close to the camera as you can possibly get it. You want the Infant to look directly into the camera without squinting or crying. You want a clear photo of the Infant; you want every identifiable little dimple documented. You need to get a really up close picture of the Infant.

How to set the camera

With lighting a regular flash will leave a shadow so use a lamp. Set your ISO, the higher the ISO the less light is needed to take the picture. This little trick will help when you take Passport photos of Infants; shutter speed should be at 1/125 to 1/250 this will give a more stable photo. More professional cameras have a higher ISO setting. If you happen to have a digital camera there are a lot of extras available to you, burst mode, memory storage, and red eye reduction. It never hurts to get a little help.