5 Natural Lighting Tips That You Should Be Practicing

With the photograph, you can tell a story, and atmosphere or a mood. Photographs allow us to share with others what it was like to be with the person, at a place or the beauty of the thing.

Shooting Outside - Location, Location, Location: Part 2 - Proper Areas, Safety and Lighting Rules

We discussed a series of important facts in regards to shooting outside, but it is time to move towards less-discussed topics. As a photographer, you need to pay attention to all these details in order to build a quality outdoors photo session.

Lighting Aids – Your Creative Lighting Companions

When you begin to learn more about controlling light, you start wondering about how much time light needs to reach your subject, and the quantity of light you need to fill in certain dark areas.

Understanding Basic Lighting Techniques – Window Light

If a tight budget does not allow for expensive lighting equipment, consider window light as an excellent and free alternative that can result in the same effect.  When considering what a large window, look at it as a large softbox that diffuses light.

Controlling Light In Photography: Working With Apertures And Shutter Speeds

Photography is defined as "the art and science of altering images on a sensitive surface through the action of light", thus providing proof that understanding of the nature of light, and being able to control it, is fundamental to success as a photographer.  The focus of the information below will be on the behavior of light and how these particular behaviors affect portraiture photography.

Photography and the Benefits of Natural Light

During your photography sessions, the most important aspect that you should focus on to improve the overall quality of your photographs is the light.

How to work in a directional trendy way with light and shadows?

Is there any other better and easy way to add drama and dimensions to your photographs? The way you can add depth is a conundrum which can be resolved by adding light and shadows! Not only can one enhance the ambience of the photograph but also turn it into an interpretive work of art. One can really then explore the art of photography as not just a medium of documentation but an art to really indulge into! It is the play of drama the depth that talks of the hidden story behind photos, it generates the emotions and expressions what a photographer wants to speak out through his piece of art.

How To Take Lightning Photos?

It is not really hard to take photographs of Lightning. You may sit at the rear of the camera all the way through an intact storm. Fraught heroically minimally to push shutter accurately at the right time. However there is always an enhanced approach. Akin to chiefly all the things, incarcerate an unruffled snapshot/ two of the lightning. Here are the main steps: