NitroDesk Photographer’s Edition - The Next Generation Desktop Application

This application will allow you to upload, manage and transferyour photograph collection and allows you to share your photos to the different picture sharing websites like SmugMug, PlanetEye, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, Windows Live Spaces, Flickr and Shutterpoint. This allows you to update your photo collection and its photo properties from your PC or Laptop Desktop. NitroDesk Photographer's Edition currently runs on Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 with .Net Framework 3.0.


Features of NitroDesk Photographer’s Edition

  • Download and display your photo set from any site which is supported,
  • See your photos and manage comments like deleting comments or adding comments on the left of your snap.
  • Backup your photos from websites to your computer and you also can restore them on websites very easily.
  • Open any album from supported websites by NitroDesk and can manage with no time easily.
  • View your photos in slideshow by clicking on the play button and also browse them too.

Upload and Transfer Images using NitroDesk Photographer’s Edition

You can upload photos with NitroDesk easily, first click on Multiloader, type in where you want to upload photo and drag the photo and drop to the upload place and click on upload. You can choose many sites to upload photos. You can create new album or can also upload a new album. You can change the size of the picture when uploading and it will upload faster for casual images or when site does not allow large uploads.


You can give a title and description to the picture and it will there wherever you upload the image. Don’t worry if internet connectivity is lost or if your computer shuts down or accidentally you close the program NitroDesk will resume upload from where it had stop.
This feature will allows you to drag and drop pictures or albums in different Photo sites.
NitroDesk tries to conserves most of the information such as description, tags, titles etc... You can also do other work just as soon as you finish dragging and dropping your pictures or album, transferring will be running in the background.

Backup and Restore your Snaps using NitroDesk Photographer’s Edition

As said earlier, you can backup all the photo albums from the online website to your PC. This can be useful when you your album are being deleted by mistake. Some services may place watermarks on the photos which they allow you to download and some services may also down size your photo when uploading.
You can restore from the backup. You can use this service to restore images and also can transfer tem from one service to another.
Demo Version offers you only limited functions. Since the product is not yet released, and since there are lot of the bugs in this application and they need to be fixed before releasing this product in May-2008(Not Sure). They need to work on some key features to make bugs free application. However, you can get a hold of the current release candidate build at