Olympus E-420

As slimming down of cameras continue, yet another baby digital SLR is launched by Olympus. This newly launched baby DSLR is a 10 MP camera, called as E420 and comes along with a compact lens. This combo of the minuscule DSLR and the 25 mm f 2.8 lenses is pocket sized and easy to carry. Thus it is a great combination of Power and output performance of a DSLR and extreme portability. It not only offers heavyweight technology but also retains features like LCD’s. It is merely 13.4 ounces i.e. 380 grams in weight, making it 20 to 40% lighter than its competitors.

With more viewable 2.7-inch LCD and user friendly quick on-screen Face Detection, Auto focus, Perfect Shot Preview and special Shadow Adjustment Technology to get a large amount of the Live View experience. In addition to this, being 2.7-inches, the LCD is large enough for consumers to compose and preview images without straining the eyes. 

Professional quality imaging with the Olympus E420 

It delivers the professional-mark image superiority of a digital SLR with the simple operation of the kind of point-and-shoot camera. The diminutive size of the camera deserves equally compact lens, and Olympus provides the ultra compact Zuiko 25mm f2.8 with digital-specific lens. Just 0.9”-thick lens offers a set 50mm correspondent angle of view.

Salient Features

  • On-Screen Auto-focus works flawlessly just like a point-and-shoot camera, in order to display subject in focus on the LCD, instantly as the shutter is pressed just half the way.
  • The special Face Detection Technology aims at and locks on about 8-faces to make certain they are in focus and this technology is crystal clear for remarkable portraits.
  • Innovative and improved Hyper-Crystal-II Technology provides two times the contrast with better viewing even in extreme lighting conditions. It also features a broader range of color detailing, and a much wider viewing angle on the LCD almost such that you can view to a range of 176 degrees off-center
  • The Shadow Adjustment Technology identifies details in the bright areas of the target frame and further opens up the details in the shadows, which otherwise would be rendered dark by other cameras.
  • Additional features like the Perfect Shot Preview helps the user to view and select the desired effect directly on the LCD, and preview the changes on the image even before you even capture it.

Enlarge Photographs

Clicking, enlarging and displaying astounding images on ones wall are absolutely feasible, thanks to the E-420’s 10 MP for achieving high-resolution photos. The 10-MP sensor enables users the suppleness to expand prints to the sizes supported by many of latest printers. It also enables cropping of the image to print only a fraction of the image that is important to the user.  The high-performance Live MOS image sensor featured in the E-420 renders excellent vibrant range for accurate color reliability. It also has a state-of-the-art amplifier circuit that considerably lessens noise along with capturing finer image details, especially in the highlighted and also in shadow areas.

Olympus E420

Improved Auto White Balance

Most of the DSLR users desire to focus their attention only on features other than the white balance while they are advancing. Eventually, the E-420 features an enhanced automatic white balance performance with more exact colors.

True Pic III for Enhanced Image Clarity and Faster Speed

Olympus’ enhanced feature True Pic III Image Processor delivers absolute crystal clear photos utilizing all the pixel information for all images to offer the finest digital imaging possible for every photo with exact color, absolutely lively flesh tones, radiant blue skies specific tonal illustration in between. It also helps reduce image noise by one click reduction in graininess in photographs shot at very high ISO settings, enabling immense results in even in low-light situations.

Are you tensed about the capturing of your kids goal at the matches, this camera provides with image processor which can shoot up to 3.5 frames/sec, in the sequential shoot mode. This means that photographers are enabled to capture fast-paced actions as they happen.

Dust Reduction System Enabling Spot-Free Images

Olympus E-420 users now do not have to worry about dust ruining their images, thanks to Olympus’ exclusive Supersonic Wave Filter. This patented ultrasonic technology vibrates to get rid of dust in front of the image sensor and it captures this dust on a special adhesive membrane each time the camera is turned on. These spot-free photos free its users from hours of painstaking retouching photographs at the computer. 

Absolute Media Versatility

The E420 accepts both CompactFlash Type I & II, xD-Picture Cards and , Microdrives. This provides users with a choice of data storage options for improved flexibility. It is also possible to transmit image files from one card to the other directly from inside the camera. 

Wireless Flash Capability

The E-420 is all set to beat the challenge in the ground of advanced lighting. It is well-suited with the gadgets like Olympus FL-50R and FL-36R, which are wireless electronic flashes, designed specifically for digital photography. Wireless multi-flash photography is possible only when these gadgets are used in combination with E-420. 

Thus Olympus beats all challenges of high performance extreme portable DSLRs with this model.