Free download: Snapselect: Duplicate and Similar Photos Cleaner

For a limited time (today's Mother's Day) there is a free download of Snapselect. This OS X app can find duplicate and similar photos in your folders or photo catalogues from another programs.

There are many applications able to find duplicate files with your photos. Some of the do not recognize what is the content of the image, some of them recognize it and find the similar (not fully duplicate) photos too.

And this is what Snapselect does. After the start it will ask you for the folder or catalog. It supports iPhoto, Lightroom and Aperture. Then it will check it and shows the similar or duplicate photos. You can zoom them to see the details or browse the whole selection of duplicates.


You can also switch the Snapselect interface to timeline to see the photos taken in the same time. After selecting the best photos, you can easily remove the rejected.

Download it free now from Apple App Store.