How to Take Better Kitten Pictures

It may seem very exciting to take photographs of cute kittens and their funny activities…but in fact it can turn out to be a challenging and adventurous job! While some kittens may feel extremely shy or afraid of the camera, others may appear to be delighted! The very fact remains that you are the one who knows your pet well and knows the fact when it is playful or which couch or pillow it favors for afternoon naps.

 But with little technical know how and sensitivity can give you rewarding pictures of your cute kittens!


Following are some important tips to be kept in consideration while clicking pictures of a kitten: 

1. Lower the camera

The focus of the camera should always be lowered down to the level of the kitten to get absolutely realistic and interesting pictures.

2. Avoid using the flash as and when it is possible

Kittens are extremely obstinate when it comes to flashes. Many kittens have learned to close its eyes just before the flash; leading you into false impression that you got the shot until you review the kitten photos actually!

In case it becomes unavoidable, and you have to use a flash, don’t take the photos with the kitten gazing straight into the camera. Also bear in mind that the flash is often too bright for the kitten’s eyes.

3. Catching the Moment

The best kitten photos are hardly the posed portraits. Instead, as a matter of fact, the cutest pictures of kittens are often instantaneous or spontaneous photos. This explains why the best picture is always the one revealing its natural habits… its activities…

Just imagine the photo of a kitten trying to climb over food container… or try capturing it just when it has licked the milk and its mouth still has the traces on it! 

Image.2 (source)

4. Try to photograph kittens in familiar surroundings

Unfamiliar surroundings will make your kitten nervous Take pictures in a familiar spot so your pet is more at ease. Since kittens are too moody taking them to new or unfamiliar locations would threaten them or make them nervous.

5. Do not try to unnecessarily complicate things while photographing kittens

Always bear this thumb rule in mind that the best photos can only be obtained when the kitten is not conscious. That’s when it will give the best natural pose that needs to be caught!

6. Treats and bribes

This works very well with kitten in certain circumstances. For example if a kitten is rubbed a treat behind each of its ears it’s more likely that it’ll be licking other kitten when you take the picture. But this may not be the case always, so it’s important that you know your kitten and its reactions to certain actions of yours. This will help it to behave in a certain manner you desire.

Small animals can be hugged and cuddled while you take pet photos: A picture of the kitten mingling with a child can be emotionally amazing and more valuable! 

7. Series of photos

Another important aspect of taking pictures of wild kittens is to use a digital camera’s sequence-shot setting. This takes many photos across a few seconds. This helps in capturing the rarest image, for example if your kitten is jumping at a fly or an object, you may get fortunate enough to catch its leap as a series of photos.

Image.3 (source)

Thus capturing photos of kittens could turn out to be a rewarding experience, giving you cutest ever photos clicked!