Posing For Portraits – Poses and Expressions

Posing for portraits is certainly no simple matter. Nor does it only require a lot of attention to detail from both the photographer and the subject, but it is also a lot related to body language. Further, posing for portraits is not governed by clear rules – not all subject should face towards the camera, and not all subjects should always look away from the camera. All these clichés should be avoided in professional portraiture.

Yet Another Eight Interesting Portrait Photography Techniques

In the first part last week, we went through a couple of techniques that are to make your pictures a lot more interesting. We will review 7 more tips, and that might just make the difference in your portrait photography skill set.

Seven Interesting Portrait Photography Techniques

In order to take stunning photographs, sometimes you have think a little bit out of the box.

Environmental Portraits: Why Adding More Substance Is Relevant

Studio shoots might seem overtly simplified, but in theory, most photographers will prefer an environmental photo-shoot to a studio shoot for several reasons. The least of which being the subjects more comfortable in an environment that is familiar, and possibly has a more relaxed atmosphere as well.

20 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Portrait Photography Techniques

Anyone can take a picture; however, taking an amazing picture takes practice. One can advance their photography skills into high gear by just practicing these 20 simple tips intended to enhance portrait photography techniques.