Microsoft Camera Codec Pack adds RAW support to the Explorer and Windows Live Photo Gallery

This week Microsoft released a new add-in for the Windows system built-in file manager, Windows Explorer. This add-on Microsoft Camera Codec Pack improves your Windows to be able to show the RAW images within the Explorer or the Windows Live Photo Gallery.

RAW Unleashed: Now At Your Courtesy

D-SLR cameras make use of RAW as its image format. Although there are many other extensions out there they are all pretty much the same when given the choice but at the same time each one gives off it’s own unique flare dissimilar to others.

Adobe Camera Raw 5.4: useful tool for Photoshop

The last week Adobe released the new RC version of their Photoshop plugin for working with RAW format from digital cameras. If you have a new digital camera and would like to take photos using the RAW format, I highly recommend to upgrade. The Camera Raw is free.

Understanding RAW to its Core

What is the RAW format good for, what can one get out of it? Photographers using D-SLR camera might have noticed that the difference between film camera and digital camera is not that great after all. Even if the actual progress seems huge, I will point out that the two are mostly identical.