How to work with PicMe Photo Sharing

A Wide range of the online photo sharing communities is available in today’s huge internet Zone. The PicMe Photo Sharing is one of them to see, view and share the digital Albums quickly, safely with picnik, Flickr, Facebook and many others online services. PicMe supports highest Quality Pictures, share thousands of photographs, start-up with 100’s of snaps for free, and allows sharing your photos. PicMe photo sharing is the safest way to share your digital memory along with your family members and friends.


Share your photos

There is two ways to share your photos in PicMe. First one is desktop version that permits you to view all your photos which you have on your PC and second one, is web version will allow you to see snaps which are been shared. And the most important feature of this photos sharing community is that your photos will not get shared unless you share them.

Select tool menu and click on share or directly click on share option from standard bar.


The most common way is to drag your photos to the contact list and photos will get shared to those contacts. You can share photos with Picasa, Flickr, Facebook as shown in figure below. Just drag your selected photos and drop into this photo sharing community, PicMe required autherization before it can share with these communities.

When your friends shares snaps with you, you’ll receive a mail from PicMe asking you to open the PicMe from your destop or start menu. To check shared photos Click on the contact of the person who wants to share his photo.

Sometimes when you have shared your photos by mistake and you want to unshare those snaps at that time what you can do is first click on the contact of the person search for the snap which you have shared by mistake now to remove the file by right click on the snap and click on Unshare.

You can easily save photos from PicMe to your PC. To store them on your Rewritable CD or DVD you can drag those snaps into your cd drive icon on your PC.

Add and make use of Groups and Contacts

In PicMe on the left hand side there are groups and contacts. Contact is a person with only his email address. Once you produce a fresh contact then that person will receive a mail to join PicMe.

A group is a set of people. You can make groups like friends, Family or office colleagues. People from the group can also send invitation to anyone to join there group. Then once you share photos with the group everyone in the group can see your snaps. You can also invite more people to join your group and that is by one right click on the group and then click Edit group.

How to delete a contact or a group

Very simple just right click on the group or contact which you want to remove and then press DELETE option.

How to share your pictures globally

In the left hand side of PicMe there is an option “online services” there you can choose Facebook or Flickr Option if you have an account with them. Then you can easily drag pictures to flickr or Facebook to share them with everyone globally once the setup is done to get online services. You can also download and upload pictures from these websites.

How to Change the angle of the Picture

When you are looking at the picture to get a clean glance you can zoom in or out by using keys like S or A on your keyboard. Just one click on the photo you are viewing, screen will be changed to full screen.

Now you can easily start using PicMe to enjoy high quality Pictures.