RealWorld Photos 2007.1 Beta - Lossless Image Editing Tool

RealWorld Photos is the powerful photo editor software which mainly focuses cropping and retouching of JPEG images. It modifies images without any appearance loss. So it proves to be very useful to the people working more on JPEG format images. The software is designed based on open architecture from framework of RealWorld Designer. The functionality of this software can be extended by adding plug-in to it. This software was designed for being extremely extensible.  

RealWorld Photos

Image.1 Opening Window

Features which I like most

  • Can perform JPEG operations without any loss like rotations, crops, and canvas extensions, as well as watermarking modification /scratch removing.
  • Powerful scripting and Batch processing – Use of drawing tools and native filters with help of scripts. 
  • Easy to use available interface is suitable for starters and also provides support for mouse gestures. 
  • Drawing tools precision of sub-pixel available.
  • Brush provides support for tablet pressure.
  • Special tools for photographers - Brighten Soften, Darken, and Crop with aspect lock, Clone.
  • Open interface - As all in the application is a type of plug-in.
  • Provides support for tools for drawing that too with sub-pixel precise support.
  • I can configure all the actions assigned to gestures of the mouse.
  • I can create custom filters as powerful subsystem for scripting is provided.

About RealWorld Photos 2007.1 Beta

RealWorld Photos provides us with tools like scripting, batch processing, lossless JPEG operation, customization etc.

RealWorld Photos

Image.2 Batch Mode

This software proves very useful for professional photographer and image editors, as it provides us with big range of effects inbuilt. Each time the photographer doesn’t have to customize the image for required effects or switch on to the other software for the required effect. 

RealWorld Photos

Image.3 Range of Available Effects

Most significant feature available with this software is JPEG editing without loss. This available feature reduces most of my stress when I am editing JPEG photos. It helps me to keep the rest of my picture exactly as it is. it copies the unchanged area directly from the source image without any decoding or re-encoding.  

The scripting tool is completely based on JavaScript which can build custom image or operation filters. The script provided access the photo pixel by pixel, can duplicate any image, etc. If you are photographer and also know software development then you can customize any kind of plug-in and filter using the scripting engine provided.

RealWorld Photos

Image.4 Scripting Window Available

RealWorld Photos provides us lots of advanced tools required for image editing along with useful special features. It really is an almost all-in-one program for photo editing. I think you will be impressed.