How to take photo of a raindrop?

How to take photo of a raindrop?

Raindrop can be photographed in different ways. It depends on the viewpoint of the photographer. Suppose you want to photograph of a raindrop ready to drip from the leaf of a plant then you need to get closer to the raindrop. Make sure that you frame the picture in such a way that it gives a pleasant look to the viewer. You can make use of the macro mode in your camera, if it supports that.

Differences Between Morning Light And Afternoon Light in Photography

Just as there are differences between early and late morning light, so are there differences between morning and afternoon light.  The most obvious difference is the direction of the light source as the sun rises and as it sets.  This has nothing to do with the quality of the light, but may affect the composition of a photograph using shadow for dramatic effect, as a shadow falling in a particular direction can give a more pleasing picture than the same shot with shadows coming from the opposite direction.

The Beauty Of Photographing Mists and Fogs

Taking photos in fog or mist can be either very good or very bad. It can either set a beautiful atmosphere in your photos or it can very easily make your photos look hazy and washed-out. This article will explain how to get the best photographs possible when working in these environments.

How to take Photos in the Snow

When we think about winter what strikes in our head is snow. Snow falls in most parts of the world. In winter, the skies are blue and crisp. Ice and snow offers many chances to take abstract and close-up images. Snowstorms are attractive and snow left after the storm is wonderful to take photographs. Winter is a good time for Photographers where they can get in action to take lovely, tricky Photographs.