What Is There To Being A Photographer: An essay on why you should attempt photography

Being a photographer involves a fair amount of creativity by default, even if we do not sit around and notice it at times. Probably the most frustrating moment is when that creative nucleus we all have, seems to get us stuck in a rut. That feeling of inability to find another amazing idea and take incredible shots takes us all a little down.

Going through the motions feels like the only thing to do at this point, but we all long for that initial moment when we first held the camera, took our first shots with it, no matter how awful. The truth is, reality hits us fast and hard, and sometimes, that creative juice needs some external replenishing. In portrait photography, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut if you don’t go for something creative and magical, but that involves a lot of positive external interaction – great models, positive attitude, exposure to creative ideas and so on.

But enough with the hard part of photography, I say! To reignite those creative impulses one has to see portrait photography for what it is – a method of painting the living world, one that can show those little glimmers in someone’s eyes, the sadness in the corners of their mouth. The love between two lovers, the melancholy of a left soul. Regardless of your creative idea pick, whether it’s wedding portrait photography or just going at a shoot-out with friends and want to have incredible memories of that time (on digital & paper, and not only in thought) this website is written precisely to that purpose – to help you understand the ins and outs of portrait photography, at least at that elemental level.

Being a photographer means to put a creative mind at work, and try to figure out which type of photography you enjoy, and make it your day-to-day activity. It’s surprising how many people started with photography as a hobby and ended up wanting to do more with it, abandoning their day jobs and taking a plunge for that creative side of theirs. The truth is, one cannot simply swear off their creative side, and it needs to be exercised one way or another. The more powerful it is, the more interesting the result will become. And as with all personal projects – the more work one puts in to it, the better they get at it. And slowly, addiction kicks in and it becomes more of a personal necessity to keep doing and coming up with better results.

That’s why we’re here and that’s what we’re trying to help you accomplish.