How to take Photos in the Snow

When we think about winter what strikes in our head is snow. Snow falls in most parts of the world. In winter, the skies are blue and crisp. Ice and snow offers many chances to take abstract and close-up images. Snowstorms are attractive and snow left after the storm is wonderful to take photographs. Winter is a good time for Photographers where they can get in action to take lovely, tricky Photographs.

Snow photo

Safety to be taken while shooting in Snow

  • To run a camera, battery is required and Battery hates cold weather. Always carry extra batteries. Battery does not work for longer period when the temperature falls, to make them work for long time you need to keep the camera ( when not in use) close to your body, keep your spare batteries in warm cloth or in your pant/ jacket pocket.
  • Carry waterproof jacket and gloves so that you don't shiver and spoil your picture. If your fingers becomes numb you wont be able to handle or camera properly.
  • After you are done with your winter photography and as soon as you reach home first give time to your camera to warm up and after sometime you can use it.
  • Don't go off-track on the roads or don't walk into the unmarked open areas.
  • On a sunny day carry sunscreen lotion and sunglasses as sun reflects on the snow surface.
  • Watch out for people and machines

Different Techniques for Exposure

Meter right

Many of the cameras have a setting know as Exposure Compensation which will allow you to change automatic metering. Setting it to 2 will give a perfect color for the picture.

Set White balance

The idea of white balance is to balance colors based on the lighting situation. When you are using your camera in the snow, snow white bright color can exceed white balance making the picture look bluish or dark. There are two ways:

  • Automatic: In some cameras there is Snow Shooting mode; it will adjust shutter speed to balance snow and lighting situations.
  • Manual: You can use your camera's manual controls to adjust white balance till you screen color and snow color is same.
  • Adaptive Lighting: it will help your camera to play safely with very high contrast picture that you don't miss any information try rotating it from low to high for good results.

Snow photo

Capturing Winter Photo or video

Skiing, sledding or snowboard and many other winter sports can be best idea for action pictures.

Action Mode: Some of the have action shooting mode which will allow you to freeze the action. You need to adjust your camera's shutter speed to 200 or higher in your manual mode.

Video: you can use video print button on your camera to capture a photo from your video.

Snow photo

Exposure Guide to our reader

As winter offers inspiration and perfect time to find good quality for photography, just giving you some ideas you can capture picture of:

You can make snow statues and decorate him (E.g. snowman, shapes, animals, letters, etc), snowstorms, or early in the morning you can click a picture of the sun rising especially when sun is rising and making the ice shine too. You can also take snap of ice skaters, snowmobilers, sledders, skiers, snow shovelers, etc...

Using cameras "Macro/ close-up" mode you can take pictures of snow resting on a mailbox or on a pinecone, or a animal pet with snow on his face or frost covered branch and many other ways.