2013 Photography Trends - What To Lookout For In The New Year

It’s no secret that technology and photography are inseparable these days. Actually, it’s been always this way, since the first camera was invented. One may say, it’s not important what you use to take a photo, but how you use it, and perhaps it’s true, but there is no harm in knowing what is there on the market today. Being aware of modern trends is  definitely capable of adding extra quality to your photography. At the same time, there is no need to go to extremes, after all trends come and go.

Digital Photography Trends #1 - Enter Social Media

Well, the first thing worth mentioning upon the subject is creating  inbuilt applications for photo editing and social network sharing. The main purpose of this is to save time editing and sharing your photos. Of course, At the moment, you have to split your photography between your Smartphone and DSLR camera, using the first one to immediately share the pictures with your relatives and friends, and taking more sophisticated photos with the second one to retouch them in Photoshop later at home. Wouldn’t it be great if you have a tool for a basic editing inbuilt in your network connected camera? It would definitely save a lot of time and trouble, though my grandfather who used to develop the films in a dark room says we’re just being fattened by all the possibilities. Still, further improvement is inevitable. 

Digital Photography Trends #2 - Better Photo Printing

Speaking of saving time, it seems it will be easier to print out your photos in 2013. Keeping thousands of photos on your computer and phone is very convenient, but we still like to print out some of them now and then. We have to take them out of the phone of computer and go to a specialized store to make an order, then to come back and pick up the print outs. Or we have to put together a photo album layout, which might be complicated and tiring. In 2013 we can expect the rise of photo books which can be easily created right on your iPhone and there print outs ordered online. 

Digital Photography Trends #3 - Mirrorless Cameras

Another 2013 photography trend is the rise of mirrorless cameras. Of course, if you have a photo studio, the weight of your camera hardly matters, otherwise it’s still one of the biggest considerations among photographers, especially of those on the go. The quality of mirrorless cameras keep improving, and at the moment their only drawback is a slower auto-focus systems compared to a DSLR? So why would you buy a heavy and bulky camera if you can take excellent photos and video with a mirrorless one?

Digital Photography Trends #4 - Black And White Photography

Black and white photography will keep thriving this year as technology keeps progressing. It used to be so difficult to get the tones and shades right, that now we still explore the possibility. Black and white photography is a great field to explore, attracting more and more professional and amateur photographers to try their best.

On the contrary, all sorts of photo painting filters are not going to be so extremely popular anymore. People are not fascinated anymore by the fact that only one click of the mouse can turn your photo into something resembling an oil painting. The same can be said about selective color filters and retro effects and over processed HDR. In most cases these things don’t work anyway, so why bother.

I’ve mentioned just a few trends which are expected this year, but perhaps there is still a place for something unpredictable when it comes to the art of photography, so let’s just keep our eyes open.