ND Filters - A Short Introductive Guide To Neutral Density Filters

Know as ND, Neutral Density filters can be found in any professional photographer worth their salt. Amateurs generally stay away from these plain looking grey filters. That’s right, plain grey.

20 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Portrait Photography Techniques

Anyone can take a picture; however, taking an amazing picture takes practice. One can advance their photography skills into high gear by just practicing these 20 simple tips intended to enhance portrait photography techniques.

Adobe Creative Suite 5: The New and Amazing Features

Advancement in Photoshop products has finally created a winner with the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection software. This user-friendly piece of software provides the user with the ability to create and design using photos as a canvas. The user will be able to quickly and easily create photoshopped media. This software also allows the user to interface while working in a virtual partnership effectively, as well as deliver the finished photo virtually anywhere.

Adobe Lightroom Quick Tips: Super-Enhance Your Images With These Lightroom Tips

With all the crazy apps nowadays, enhancing your photos seems like the easiest thing ever – I mean, if even typical applications such as Picasa can help you bring out the color in your eyes and cheeks and make your vacation photographs sparkle, why do we need to complicate our lives with complicated editing software? This particular question was asked around Adobe Labs as well, and their answer to this problem was – Adobe Lightroom. It’s obviously a lot easier to use than Adobe Photoshop (if you’ve tried it, you know exactly what I mean), not to mention that it is designed to do exactly what a non-commissioned photographer needs – enhance their photos using some rather cool tricks.

Comparison: one click photo editing in Picasa, Photoshop Elements, PaintShop Photo Pro, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Zoner Photo Studio

One click photo editing feature is very popular by the beginners. Most of the photo editors offers this functionality. However there could be very different results when using one click editing in several applications. Most of us are able to use manual editing and beautify our photos with more or less advanced techniques. But when we are in hurry, we all love one lick editing I think. Don’t you?

How to take photos of spring nature

Although winter is photographically very rewarding season of the year, we bet, that in comparison with coming spring, exactly the spring win for almost every photographer. And because spring is finally here, it is time to review some quick photo-tips!

Microsoft ICE now uploads to Photosynth

About one year ago there was an article about Microsoft ICE, the fastest software for creating panorama photography. Now, I would like to refresh these information with a new article. Microsoft ICE was released in a new version which supports direct upload to Photosynth service.

What is the fisheye effect and how to match with it?

Probably every photographer trying to use wide-angle lenses noticed, that the wider angle objective is, the more distortion it causes on the scene. So what to do about it?

How to take photos of clouds

Photographing clouds is very rewarding shooting experience: They are everywhere, in every time willing to pose and they are every time different. Taking photos of clouds is generally very easy, however as usually, there are some specialties which may come handy. First of all, it is not bad idea to decide, in which time of day clouds would be photographed (important for color, shadow, sun, ...). Second, how the whole photograph will be tuned (brighter, normal, darker) and if there will be some other specialties: Flying birds, only silhouettes etc.

When and How to create long exposure photography

Many photographers are somehow afraid of using long exposures. As you’ll learn in today’s topic, there is absolutely nothing to worry about - just the opposite! If you use your knowledge in right way, your photos substantially improve.

How to make great looking winter photos?

Shooting in winter has several of its own specialties which you must respect and understand them before you will be able to shoot excellent winter photos. Don’t afraid to take photos in winter. The fun on snow, the winter nature or photos of winter sports, these all kind of photos will be nice with a few tips.

How to take photo in church

Almost everybody from us is from time to time forced into photographing in churches, which is place with some real photographic challenges.

How to take photos of winter sports

Some people find winter sport activities to be more fun than their summer counterparts. It surely depends on one’s opinion, but one thing is for sure – also many photographers prefer to shoot winter sports.

How to take New Year‘s Fireworks photos

The year 2009 is coming to its end and we should start thinking about how to take the photos of the midnight sky and the New Year's Fireworks. This kind of photos has its own magic atmosphere, so check your camera, batteries and memory cards and go ahead for fireworks photos.

How to remove background from the photo

From time to time you have to do collages or some website graphic. In these cases you may find useful or needed to remove the background from the source photos. You don’t have to use Photoshop or another graphic editor with its layers, curves, selection tools or eraser. Just use a simple freeware tool and remove the background with a few mouse turns.