Upgrading Your Photography Gear - Your 2013 Shopping List

Whether you are an experienced photographer or you have just bought your first DSLR, upgrading your photography gear is never out of place. Remember, photography is not a cheap hobby, but if you choose your gear carefully, it will serve you for years. So what is there on the market this year? Here are a few things worth investing in.

Flash - Mandatory For A Wide Range of Photography Subjects

Using flash in photography is essential (in most cases anyway) – it is a simple but hard-working unit that provides you with that extra lighting to work with shadows or poor lighting conditions. A Speedlight is a flashgun and it’s ideal for working on a low-budget or for reportage-style photos.

Getting Started With Equipment: What To Do With Your Camera

The first rule of any kind of professional photography is – no SLR, no real fun. The truth is, in the absence of a real camera, point and shoot cameras will get you just that far. Camera control is simply inexistent with point-and-shoots and even if you want to try it out to learn more you will find that you cannot use it even to that end.

Travelling With Your Photography Equipment

Every photography enthusiast finds it extremely difficult when travelling with their equipment, however, with the aid of some of the tips I will be noting throughout this article, you should be able to ease the stresses when you next travel.

Tripods: The Photography Tool That Can Truly Enhance Your Imagery

You've got your camera and you're ready to go - however, you feel that there is something more you can add to your pack to make it all more interesting.

Cheap and Useful Photography Accessories: How To Avoid Spending A Fortune On Photography Accessories

Photography for the amateur and professional can be a very expensive hobby. The camera itself is an expensive piece of equipment and DSLR Lenses can cost even a lot more then the body of the camera. On top of this, you also have the additional costs of the accessories. It could also be a very expensive investment; however, there is good news! Photography does not have to be expensive as there are accessories that you can purchase for exceedingly less than the average amount at twenty five dollars.

Photography And Flash: What Is There To Know

When you purchase something for the first time the product, often times more then not, comes with a few parts already integrated within the system. This is cool of the manufacturer and all but to be honest, integration sucks.

Lensbaby Composer – I Only Have Eyes For You

The effect that the majority of people have seen in photography of the edges of a photo in a blissful blur, are the invention of the Lensbaby. This particular lens is able to create these types of effect on photographs. The lens is called the Composer, and is one of the products in a line of products of selective focus lenses recently released by Lensbaby.

Lensbaby Composer – What It Is And What It Can Do For Your Photos

The Composer lens, manufactured by Lensbaby, is one of the most creative lenses available now to photographers worldwide. The composer is made with a ball and socket design that allows a photographer to deliver a smooth and selective focus on their subjects.

A True Ray Of Sunshine – The Nikon Speedlight SB700

Nikon has announced the new Speedlight SB 700 that promises to light up the users mind as well as the subject. Nikon is one of the leading manufactures when it comes to cameras and accessories and it is only natural to have high expectations from them. One of these accessories that Nikon was working on is the SB 700.

When Are Lens Hoods Truly Useful?

I have seen this question numerous times on the internet and at some points in my early days in photography, I have wondered about the very same thing. The issue at stake is that some people put too much importance on issues regarding lens hoods, while other dismiss them, therefore it is rather difficult to tell when it’s a good idea to wear it and when it is not thanks to that much lack of interest. Nevertheless, within this article, we shall discuss this particular problem, and more precisely when are the times when you should not use a lens hood due to practical issues.

Monopods, Bipods, Tripods

Monopod is pole which is used to support the cameras and video cameras; it is also termed as unipod. As it supports the camera it helps the photographer to hold the camera steadily which allows the photographer to take better images with longer focal length lenses even at a slower shutter speed.

What are the differences between memory cards?

If you were asked a question that, “What type of hard disk do your computer use?” You will be answerless. You have never thought of the same. Also one question comes to your mind what’s the need to know the type. Following article will answer your question, and also make the difference clear. Currently in market there are in all 12 different types of memory cards available in market. They are as follows: