Monopods, Bipods, Tripods

Monopod is pole which is used to support the cameras and video cameras; it is also termed as unipod. As it supports the camera it helps the photographer to hold the camera steadily which allows the photographer to take better images with longer focal length lenses even at a slower shutter speed. In video cameras monopod helps in reducing the camera shake and helps in recording the picture clearly by avoiding the blurriness of the picture. In vertical plane it avoids the camera shake, when used by itself. Horizontal motion can be avoided, if it is used in combination with leaning against a big object thus forming a bipod.


Monopods are specially made to fold easily when it is not used, and is portable from one place to another with greater ease.

Independently a camera cannot be supported by a monopod. As compared to tripods are easy to carry, and still allows a lower shutter speeds as compared to hand holdings. Monopods limit the shutter speed in case of still cameras.

As the foot of monopods can be rested on the belt, waist or chest of the photographer it can also be used as CHESTPOD or BELTPOD. Monopods increases the stability of the camera as the foot of the monopod is planted on the ground thus, increasing stability of the camera which helps the photographer to shoot sharper images. As it travels with the photographer's movement the camera or monopod is mobile. It similar to fin stick in structure.

As stability increases mobility decreases and vice-versa. Monopods help the photographer to shoot sharper to shoot sharper images as when the camera is handheld.

Merits of monopods

As compared to bipods and tripods the portability offered by the camera is the best. Due to its less weight and small in size it can be carried in the camera bag with great ease.

As compared to tripod and bipod, monopods have only one leg which helps in setting up the stand fast. This helps in shooting the image very quickly within seconds.

Using a monopod means that the photographer is shooting between tripod and handheld shooting. In this type of shooting one have to support extra to cut back the shake of the camera and photographers are also less tied down which helps to increase the flexibility so that the photographer can move around.

As compared to tripods and bipods, monopods comparatively require less space for its storage.

Demerits of monopods

Camera shake cannot be eliminated by using monopods. It is true that it provides more stability than handholding a camera. But when it is compared with tripod and bipod, monopods provide less stability. If one wants to eliminate the camera shake completely tripod is the best one.

It is difficult to shoot in some situations with the help of monopods. Shooting in vertical mode in spite of shooting in horizontal mode is not possible with the help of monopod.


Bipod is similar with respect to function as a tripod or bipod, but the only difference is that it has two legs. It provides stability along side-to-side, and up-and-down along the two axes of motion.

Bipods are most commonly used on spinner to support the rifle to shoo t more accurately. Bipods provide more accuracy by allowing the operator to rest the weapon on the ground, or other object which reduces the operator's fatigue.

Rifle Bipods are of two types one is of fixed length and the other one is with the adjustable length. The one which have their tilting point close to the bore central axis are the better ones, as it tilts the picture on even uneven grounds can be shooted sharply. Bipods are not folded back towards the shooter but folded away forward. With the help of bipods pictures can be shooted in both the ways i.e vertically and horizontally.

Merits of bipods

Bipods help in shooting the object safely and it also in preventing low shots, which ultimately results in fewer wounds.

It can be leaned while one is using binoculars.

It can also be leaned onto when the photographer is stalking.

Bipods help in reaching further out.

Demerits of bipods

It is difficult to carry from one place to another that is it is not easily portable. It also creates irritation to carry along the way.

As compared to monopods it takes a bit extra time to open and use but it takes less time when compared with tripod.

It is painful at times as the rifle is to be carried on arm only.

As compared to monopods one may loose some fast chances to shoot because it relatively takes much time to setup and use.


Tripods were very commonly used by the old photographers. Chain tripods bipods are also referred to as string, tripod, bipod or monopod etc. using tripods the photographer can obtain very sharp images even at a very slower shutter speed. The function of tripod is also very much similar to the monopods and bipods that is it providing stability to the camera. This stand provides more stability compared to monopods and bipods. Now-a-days most of the digital cameras are being fitted with image stabilization devices or with vibration reducing devices. Due to this the tripod has a new life.

Translational vibration still creates blurry pictures even though the image stabilization devices work at its best with rotational vibration. It creates little trouble while recomposing ones shot. With the help of these cameras one can follow things such as a sports player or birds etc. with non image stabilization systems this technique works well.


Merits of tripods

As compared to monopods and bipods it is cheaper.

For planning and recomposition the rotational movement is still available.

It is very resistant and hard to break.

The tripods can be washed if it gets dirty.

Another tripod can be made if one misplaces it.

It does not require any special tools for the setup.

Demerits of tripods

Some looks can be seen while using the tripod.

It takes relatively much time for the setup as compared to monopod and bipod.

It is relatively difficult to carry from one place to another due to its heavy weight.

One cannot shoot the pictures fastly as it takes much time for the setup.

It is difficult to carry from one place to another that is it is not portable.

By using the monopods, bipods, tripods one can take better shots than holding the camera in the hand.