Travelling With Your Photography Equipment

Every photography enthusiast finds it extremely difficult when travelling with their equipment, however, with the aid of some of the tips I will be noting throughout this article, you should be able to ease the stresses when you next travel.

1. If you are bringing an expensive camera with you on your travels and you are flying then always bring your camera on the plane with your to avoid any potential damages from occurring. You will first need to check the airlines terms and conditions though as some of them don't allow for any extra baggage to be brought onboard the plane. Before getting on the plane you will need to go through some metal detectors so ask the assistant to screen the film you're carrying by hand. You may even want to consider buying film when you have arrived at your destination as this won't only prevent hassle but will also minimize your luggage.

It's also important to note that magnetic devices in the x-ray scanners can affect your digital media equipment so make sure you put your camera away from the start of the conveyor belt.

2. If you're travelling by car, then ensure your camera is in a safe place away from any potential damaging and if you ever leave the car ensure you bring the camera with you as it could easily be stolen.

3. Before heading off to your destination, you should have a think about what you will be doing when it comes to storing your digital images. A good idea would be to use a memory card as they are small and very efficient. If you're anxious about carrying your images around on a small memory card then you could always have them developed or transferred to a computer so you have backups.

4. If you have a lot of expensive photography equipment then it may be a wise decision to have everything insured in the event of it being stolen or damaged. This really is a must do if you are travelling with your photography equipment on a regular basis.

5. Before setting off, make sure you have all of the correct cables etc and if you are going abroad you will need to bring a plug adaptor with you as well. You may even want to bring the instruction manual for your camera in case you experience any problems and need troubleshooting advice.

6. When your outdoors with your equipment and it starts to rain, shield your camera as much as you possibly can as rain can seriously damage it.

7. When you're travelling, especially on a plane, make sure that you are bring your camera in a safe and protective bag that you can carry over your shoulder or similar.

8. When shooting outdoors, ensure you bring a UV lens protector with you.

9. If you are travelling overseas then it's important that you declare all of your equipment to customs at the airport. In failing to do so, you will only find yourself getting back home and having to prove your the owner of the equipment.