Adobe Photoshop Express

It’s a new addition to the world of Adobe digital imaging franchise, and referred by the Vice- President of Adobe’s Hosted and Consumer Services as an on ramp addition to its services! With its user friendly flash based interface, and sturdy retouching algorithms, this software represents Adobe at its finest editing capacity. Its polished and striking interface with comparatively faster operating tools make it user attractive. However, one must beware of the loop holes, it does not support files from 12 MP or higher cameras. Another important drawback is that one does not have any printing options.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Image.1 Opening Window

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express

Two main features of this software:

1. A photographs sharing site with easy interface as compared to Photoshop Elements.

At the launch of beta version it had Photobucket, Picasa and Facebook in the list of partners. Its sharing functions are pretty workable and handy. The feature set used for sharing is archetypal, which allows uploading about 2 GB of photographs into its albums. These pictures can be organized for sharing online either publicly or personally though email. It helps creating Flash slideshows and an additional feature is the free vanity URL.

The editing experience can be rated as above average. It has relatively enough retouching tools such as for sharpness, touching up like red eye defects, color adjustments, etc. The outstanding feature is the display history of snapshot editing, which is missing in Adobe’s other desktop products. Additionally one may mention working with other sites becomes a painless effort. For example you can access and edit your pics from applications like Facebook, etc directly into Photo Express and retouch them. The best part of sharing photos with friends through this software is that there is no force to the receiver to register or join Express. Besides, it gives original resolution files while uploading and downloading.

2. Novice and experience-less people can efficiently operate it.

Adding special effects is very easy, that will help impressing friends and family. Keeping up with its one-click approach, Photoshop Express provides activities like Pop Color which selects a part in an image while muting it’s the background color and allowing the user to substitute the color of selected part such that it jumps off the page. Special sketch effects added to this online editing tool help photos to be converted like drawings and the Distort feature permits one to distort facial features of a person or certain objects within the photograph in order to give a comical or aesthetical effects.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Image.2 Gallery View

System Requirements for Adobe Photoshop Express

As a registered user, you can access your photographs from anywhere — all you should have is an Internet connection along with a web browser supporting Adobe Flash Player 9 (min requirements). That’s all to download or install or use this application!

How to use Adobe Photoshop Express?

Disparate Adobe’s Photoshop other software products, this tool for photograph- editing is an online, registration-based target for retouching, enhancing, and sharing photos. It’s not only free and easy to use but it is built on the very same gold standard Photoshop technology to achieve the best editing results. Benefit to users is that they can enter, make swift edits, and exit, retouching and beautifying photos quickly and sharing them, along with slide shows on their favorite public sites, blogs, and of course Photoshop Express Galleries. 

Adobe Photoshop Express
Image.3 Sharing the Gallery 

Thus it’s a free and fair version for amateurs in photography editing world.