Stunning photo galleries for your website

Are you looking for gallery solution on your website? If you have a lot of Flickr images and would like to show them on your own website in very interesting way, then you should try the new service called FotoViewr. It will create a stunning photo gallery based on your Flickr images.

FotoViewr is currently beta and is free. However the beta doesn't mean any problems with its functionality as I tried. Moreover  creating the galleries using FotoViewr is very easy. If you are a beginning blogger, don't worry about any coding. What you need is to know your Flickr username and have any uploaded photos. After the gallery is prepared, you just copy the generated code (it is a simple DIV with object tag) to your website and you are done.

How to create a photo gallery from Flickr photos?

Point your browser to the website and click the green Get Started Now button.

In the next step click on the one of the six offered gallery layouts and then click the Continue button.

Provide your Flickr username (don't worry, FotoViewr doesn't need your password since it works with public images) and click Continue. After that select one of your Flickr photostes or images by the tag.

Click the Create Gallery button and in a few second you will see your new gallery with code you can copy to embed FotoViewr in your blog.

FotoViewr is very easy to use and friendly service for creating stunning photo galleries for your blogs and websites based on Flickr images. I highly recommend it. Before you will try it, take a look at my example: