How to add a dynamic sky to your photo

There are various methods to add sky in your photo especially when you want blue sky in the background of your photo and white appears. Now it is possible to change the sky background very easily by the help of photo editing program for this you can use tools like Photoshop and there are many other tools too.

This will work only when there is powerful contrast in-between the objects and the sky and the other way would be first select the sky and then run a blue to white gradient over it.

Adding Sky to your image

  • First open your snap in photo editing program - Photoshop Element 6.0.
  • Now open sky photo in different Window that you want to add in your snap, then first select and then copy it on the clipboard.
  • Use the Magic Wand tool, keep on selecting the washed out sky area until your selection is completed as shown image below.


  • Select the Edit from files menu and click on the Paste button from the drop down menu or use Keyboard command to paste the selected area. The sky will be exchanged as a new layer accurately into the selected area as shown in image below.



  • If desired, use the Move Tool to change the area of the sky.
  • You can change the opacity if you feel that the sky is too gloomy.

Second option to replace sky

First choose the sky you want to replace. Don't clear it. Press layer button from menu bar, click on New and then layer to copy or from keyboard just hold ctrl key and press J. after doing this procedure we will able to make a mask from the fresh sky with the old sky. Go to the fresh sky picture click select all then Edit button just copy it.

Go to your original picture click on the Edit option then click on Paste. As soon as you do it your new sky will cover your photo, nothing to worry. Click on layer option then Group. Or you can just press Ctrl+G from your keyboard. Go back to your old sky layer; choose a soft brush set the color to black.

If you want further help, let me know so that I can help you in better way or send your photos to me to add sky into those snaps.