Taking the photos of Moon

July 21, 1969 is the day when man conquered the moon, since then the subject of moon is matter of fascination in all of us. Many people find it difficult to take the pictures of moon from the earth’s surface. The main reason for not getting the required outcome is that, the implementation of this procedure is very costly. The lens requirement, camera requirement are very precise. So in many case the professionals only try a hand on this procedure. But there are some people who have the passion for photography but don’t have the required guideline. So for such people following procedure is handy. 


Basic Requirements 

Cannon Digital Camera EOS 20D SLR or any other camera which has features equivalent to the given camera.

Lens having a zoom capacity of 0.075 cm- 30 cm or 10 cm to 40 cm (Remote Photo Zoom Lens). 

Steps Involved in taking the Picture

  • Set the camera on a tripod for stability of the camera.
  • At first change the Mode of Metering: adjust it to Partial Mode
    digital camera settings
  • Do the adjustment as shown in the figure above;
  • Set Program Exposure : Change Priority of   Shutter (to TV) , camera will automatically choose the required orifice (Av),Adjust SP (Priority of Shutter) speed to 0.0025 sec or 0.00125 sec, 800 or 400 nos. in menu.
  • (ISO) Pace set to ISO-1600.
  • Set the exposure reimbursement roll to the left by -1 stride.
  • Set the Foci (zoom): Expand lens at its Max (30cm or 40cm, I had used this setting).
  • Given are the settings for Cannon EOS 20D SLR Digital Camera and are same for the cameras available in market of the same compatibility;

Following the given procedure above will result into a quality picture as shown;


Image.2 Night View with Normal 70 mm lens (source)

Tips and Warnings to be taken care of

  • If numerous exposure technique is known to you then you take number of photographs of the rising moon, just keep in mind take the photo graphs at regular interval (Intervals should be accurate).
  • For every exposure just note down the camera amendment for getting the best results. This will be advantageous for you for the next time you take the picture and save your time too as you can start through the same settings. 


Image.3 Beautiful Snap with just normal 7 M Pix Camera (source

Rules to be considered while taking the photograph of moon

  • Use of a cable and a tripod stand is must.
  • Set the camera to its highest resolution.
  • Photos taken in case of moon are always flat and do not contain any feature. To make the picture more interesting takes the picture in hemispherical or sector phase.
  • If possible use group exposures as the exposure time are given in affixed formulae and the formulae vary with moon’s phase, environmental conditions.