PhotoLook 1.5 – Your Personal Photo Manager

PhotoLook 1.5 is freeware software for managing your digital photography and it developed by softplicity. It helps you to watch, sort, store, watch, and managing your photos. User can view their photos in thumbnails, can create slide show of all their images within one click only. Using PhotoAlbum you can also range your photos according to their quality or some other criterion. This utility is user friendly with simple interface and do not require special knowledge to manage your photos. You know I'm crazy about PhotoLook.

Image 1: Welcome Screen 

Features of PhotoLook 1.5 

  • Provides easy photo handling.
  • Contain the basic photo operation: darkening the image, enlightening the image, changing the image color.
  • Also contains Range option.
  • We can get wide views of the image.
  • The interface provided is very transparent.

System requirements for PhotoLook 1.5 

  • IBM compatible PC (Speed 600 MHz and above);
  • RAM 64 MB;
  • WINDOWS XP/VISTA/98/2000;
  • Hard Drive space of 8 MB;

Software Review for PhotoLook 1.5 

Using this Photo Look, I am able to sort my photos with specific folder such as: a folder with the best photographs, a folder with my good photos, then those with average ones and those where I'm absent. That's so convenient!


Image.2 Photo Editing Option Available 

If you own a digital camera and have the lust for taking good pictures, then this PhotoLook software is the best tool to be owned. It helps you efficiently in sorting the images, arranging them, watching them, and storing them.

The features available in this software are extra convenient. The images can be viewed as full size, slide show or thumbnail. The interface provided in this software is so transparent that a person without any prior knowledge of photo editing can use this program.

The range tool available is awesome. You can ranger the images according to the ranges. Your most favorite image you can range it 5 and the image which are simple can be ranged 1. The images arte then sorted according to range given to them. Using this you can create the folders to store all of you images and name the folders according to ranges. The relevant photo with the relevant image can be stored in the respective folder. 


Image.3 Available Color Schemes

PhotoLook 1.5 is very good program for amateur users to be used. So be quick and down load this software with the link provided.