How to take photo of your Pet Dog?

When we come across the word “PET” the first animal that comes to our mind is Dog. Dog is the most common pet. There is also a proverb “Dog is the best friend of man”. Even old people keep dogs as a pet for there company in there old age. Many times people think of taking photos of there dogs to keep as a remembrance. But as they don’t know the right technique they are not able too. Following article will help you in taking good pictures of your dog if followed stepwise.  


Steps to be followed while taking the snap

1] Camera Requirements 

Using the numerical cameras we can only get size of picture up to 11x16cm. This size is sufficient for your album collection. But if you want to create a poster of your dog then the requirements are different. You will have to use a numerical camera which can store images greater than 36 Mo. This 36 Mo yields a size of 21x29cm. 

2] Lens Requirements 

I will always recommend tele-objective lens 3.5-13.5 cm. This lens always gives good outcome if the size of dog is between 2.5 - 7 M. Also good photo can be taken with 70 mm objective (only keep in mind be near to the dog while taking the photo. But if you use a lens with more zoom like 200mm, the image will be good but will appear little deformed due to more zoom.  


Image.2 group Photo Using the Light Reflection from Wall (source) 

3] Film requirement 

In market there is lots of brand available such as Fuji Film, Kodak, Konica etc. But use of Kodak (Ultra or Gold) film is better option. This is the only film using which you can distinguish between the colors of dog fur. Using 200 ASA is good solution, as this film will make you able to get each and every details of the dog both in shadow and light. Keep a 24 exposure roll of film. 

4] Taking Actual Photo 

If your requirement is emphasizing your dog then don’t take the snap from top to down portrait. If done the legs of dogs appears to be shorter than they are i.e. its beauty will be sublimated. If you are magnifying the pet be at the height of the pet. You can also lie down and rest the camera on the hands which are resting on the elbow. Don’t select location with high grass on it. Open area is best location for a dog picture.  

6] Installation 

You can’t take best image in just one go trial and error is the best strategy to be adopted. Try different background and different poses for getting the required image. If you have an accompany person to keep the dog stable keep him too to the level of dog or the dog will look at him and in the picture the face of dog will come raised above towards your accompany.  

7] Light Requirement 

Mostly the lights in winter are not feasible for taking the good picture of dog. If sun is not present the images will give very dull appearance. So the ideal light available is the sunlight lightly veiled. Never use a flash light if the snap is been taken inside the home. The flash will give red eye effect and also the prospect will be crushed.If you can get a strong light with it reflected on white surface or wall, it will give very good outcome.  


Image.3 Customizing the Appearance by decorating the Dog (source)

Following the procedure discussed above will give you very good outcome of the image taken. Mainly the outcome depends on the skills of one for getting different snaps in different condition matters the most in the output.