Taking photographs of your Pets

Your pets are not less than your family members. Taking the photographs of them is what you always wanted to try a hand on but each time you messed up the photographs. So don’t get dishearten the article discussed below will help you in getting the better picture. While taking the photos of your pet getting there natural facial expression is the only tough job involved. Also the background, focus and the light play an important role in these photographs. 


Image.1 Photo taken from Parallel Height of the Pet (source)

The Surrounding 

Taking the photographs in the surrounding which is familiar to them is the ideal option available. If you want to get the natural expression of your pet then the surrounding should be familiar. As in unfamiliar surrounding there will be a sense of insecurity in them and the photo will be messed up due to the fear gripped expression of your pet. 

The Lights 

Good lighting for even distribution of light in the area surrounding the pet is required. Camera internal flash are too harsh so avoid using them use the natural lights, extend to which it is possible. For reveling the precise features of your pet like the fur, feather, eyes, color etc, into the photographs use of bright light is good option. So mostly take the photo outdoor only. If not possible then open all the windows and the doors so that you will have sufficient light.

The Flash 

If you are confident that you’re pet is not worried about the flash then don’t avoid to use the flash if there is no enough light available. Also adjusting the white balance with the available light will help.

Horse and dog
Image.2 The Photo Without our Interference Gives the Best Expression of Pets (source)

The Exposure 

If you’re pet is too light in color or too dark in color then the job become tough. So trial and error is the best option to set the exposure. Using the exposure bracket and compensation when required is also a good choice.

The Body Parts 

Locking the focus on eye is the best option in case of every pet you own. A good photo will be the ears of your pet standing up with moist nose. Always stay at the level of the eye of the pet.

The Background 

For dark color pets choose a light colored background and vice versa. Also busy backgrounds like road or a locality with lots of people in them should be avoided. Also your whole picture should comprise of the whole pet. Zooming will help to increase the sharpness of the pet and blurring the sharpness of the background.


Image.3 Just hide some were to catch the natural expression (source)

Getting all the setting discussed above will help you in giving a good outcome. You can collect the collection of awesome images of your pet and share them with your friends.