Insect Photography - 3 Important Tips

Insect macro photography is one of my favorite because there are an almost infinite number of willing subjects at my disposal and that they look so far out when shot up close. I never get tired of busting out my macro lens and capturing the eyes and wings of an insect. It puts the world of the insect into perspective.

Wildlife Photography Natural, Sometimes Savage - But All In All Wondrous

For me personally, the shutter speed is the best invention for cameras as it freezes the action and reduces the effects of the camera shake. If I shoot a static subject matter, then I will try a shot with a shutter speed of 1/400. This, however, creates a less than perfect photo. Because of this, I recommend using a higher shutter speed. If it was a flying bird I was photographing, the minimum of 1/1500 would be ideal but personally, I would prefer to use a shutter speed of 1/2000+.

How to take photos of flying birds?

There is an art to photographing birds and as you become more experienced taking photos of birds in flight you will get better and better bird photos.

30 tips for taking people photos

People and pets are the most photographed and popular subjects. Whether it is taking people photos or photos of people with their pets, here are 30 tips for taking people photos to instantly improve your results.

How to take Wildlife Photograph?

Out of the three important categories of photography, wildlife photography is most adventurous and challenging. Being able to view wildlife, first hand eye to eye is a thrilling experience in itself! On top of it, capturing it photographically is then a big treat… And this treat itself is worth all the challenges to be taken up. It also lends an opportunity to closely observe the intricacies of mother-nature and the linked interplay of varied habitats and organisms.

How to Take Better Kitten Pictures

It may seem very exciting to take photographs of cute kittens and their funny activities…but in fact it can turn out to be a challenging and adventurous job! While some kittens may feel extremely shy or afraid of the camera, others may appear to be delighted! The very fact remains that you are the one who knows your pet well and knows the fact when it is playful or which couch or pillow it favors for afternoon naps.

Taking photographs of your Pets

Your pets are not less than your family members. Taking the photographs of them is what you always wanted to try a hand on but each time you messed up the photographs. So don’t get dishearten the article discussed below will help you in getting the better picture.

How to take photo of your Pet Dog?

When we come across the word “PET” the first animal that comes to our mind is Dog. Dog is the most common pet. There is also a proverb “Dog is the best friend of man”. Even old people keep dogs as a pet for there company in there old age. Many times people think of taking photos of there dogs to keep as a remembrance. But as they don’t know the right technique they are not able too. Following article will help you in taking good pictures of your dog if followed stepwise.