A few words about Street photography

Here are some hints to help you look at the urban landscape with photographer’s eyes, and to help you compose interesting shots using what is around you.  You don’t need to go outside the city to find scenes worthy of photographing – with a bit of thought and a little skill, even an amateur photographer can take good street shots.  There are plenty of things to photograph in the city, and with some imagination you can turn mundane scenes into something special.

Working With Props

Whether you want to go out with a friend and just take a couple of snapshots or you are in the middle of a photo session, creative use of props can really add a touch of WOW to your images in the end.

Five Easy Techniques For Taking Appealing Maternity Photos

In these days of social networking, every aspect of our lives has to be documented and put out for all the world to see, or at least the segment of the world we allow to see our Facebook galleries. So it is no surprise that women who once hid themselves under maternity clothing that could double as circus tents are now sharing this aspect of their lives as well.

Mastering Silhouette Photography

Most of the time you want to take the time to properly light your subject, soften the shadows, and make sure its features are clear and recognizable.

Sensual Female Photography - Going Beyond Typical Shots

Since the inception of the early camera, sensual photographs of women have been one of the most popular photos. Whether it is black and white or ultra high resolution shots, women striking sensual poses make up a vast majority of the commercial market’s profits. Before one takes sensual photographs, one must be aware of the following issues.

Travel Photography Made Different: Photographing People

Traveling to destinations to photograph people in their native locales can make for exciting, interesting and educational images. There are a few tips to keep in mind, to avoid any embarrassing gaffes or unintentional insults, with the most important ones explained below.

How to remove people from photo using Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery, the free editor and photo manager from Microsoft, has a nice feature called Photo Fuse. It's primarily targeted to create collages where you can improve people's faces. But it can be also used to remove the people from the photography. It is extremely useful if you want the image from the town and without anyone.

How to photograph large people: a tasteful approach

If you are a portrait photographer, or if you take portraits during your spare time, you must have come across this issue at least once - photographing large people is a hard thing to do, especially if you want to obtain some great shots, and make the model feel comfortable.

How to add depth of field to your photography

Depth of field is one of the most used photography techniques which result in a nice photography. The depth of field is given by the objective and the lenses. However if you use the automatic mode on your camera and the image looks flatten and without any depth effect then you can improve the photography using the software.

How to pose for a sexy photo

We all like to come out excellent in pictures, however, how often does that happen? How often didn’t we regret that silly pose, or the fact that we did not tilt our head more to the left or more to the right? In addition, that is just the beginning of it. Aside from the blemishes, and issues we all have in regards to the way we look, it is a true talent to know how to pose in a way that will be completely in your advantage.

How to take a good photo on concerts

Here is the scene: You are at the hottest rock concert in years. You are so excited to be there, having the time of your life. The music is great, the night is young and you are having fun with your friends. Of course, you want to document this once in a lifetime moment. Unfortunately, that might not be as easy as you had hoped. Taking good photos at a rock concert can be hard; it takes a lot of practice and patience. That exciting scene that has you all caught up in the moment (you know the moving performers and the bright flashing lights) is not exactly a camera’s best friend. That is why you need to be prepared.

Street photography: tips and tricks

For some people, street photography seems something very simple and very friendly, at least in the beginning. If you have no high hopes in regards to your street photography skills, than easy is the right word for it, true.

30 tips for taking people photos

People and pets are the most photographed and popular subjects. Whether it is taking people photos or photos of people with their pets, here are 30 tips for taking people photos to instantly improve your results.

How to Take Great Silhouette Photo Pictures

Taking a beautiful Silhouette photo picture is a form of art. These images captivate our curiosity, and our imagination. These photos inspire us and perplex us all at the same time. We imagine lost worlds, and wonder what is beneath the shadows. One of the first steps in learning to do anything is to understand the language of the field, and then you must understand the equipment you will be using. Become familiar with your camera. Train yourself to know your equipment, and to be familiar with the terrain you will be working on, in other words; do your homework.

How to Take Passport Photos of Infants

How to take Passport Photos of Infants is certainly not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if you want them to sit still and not go to sleep. If you are good at entertaining, taking baby’s passport pictures will be a real breeze. On the other hand if you are one of those people who send a baby screaming for cover you may need a little help.