How to take Photograph of yourself?

Once I bought a camera cell phone, everyday I use to take pictures of my friends and family. After a month or so I was checking the photographs taken, and then I came to know that the cell phone doesn't contain any of my photographs. Immediately I tried to click one photograph of my self. One picture contained my face as well as my hand which I had stretched for holding the cell phone. Later I tried to avoid my hand and tilted the cell phone in upward direction the picture taken contained only half of my face. I went in front of mirror to take my picture however the picture contained the cell phone itself. Then I worked on the procedure discussed below and was able to get my perfect picture. 


Camera of any specification even cell phone camera will do. 

Steps to be followed Before Shooting Yourself

1. Go in front of mirror so you can see how you look and can set your pose but just keep in mind the lens is in front of your face and the LCD screen on the mirror side.

How to take Photograph of yourself?

Image.1 Perfect Pose for self Image

2. Set your pose as preferred by you and you should not look too much fade just relax yourself. If you pretend that you are not the one who is taking the picture it will help you. If you take a look in the viewfinder you will come to know your pose, if you are satisfied with the one, just click the photograph.

3. After taking the photo check whether you like it or not, it is possible that you may look different at one point that is the angle. From then simply keep taking the picture till you are satisfied.

How to take Photograph of yourself?

Image.2 Perfect pose with zero distorted image 

Tips to be considered

If your hairs are long and are tied back like a ponytail so in your picture it may look that you don't have much hair. So it is better that you keep your hair loose. If you tilt your head to one side and little bit down the picture comes to be very good

  • As shown in Image.1 keep in mind that smile of yours should reach your eyes.
  • If you want look thin in the picture, turn the camera in some angle as shown in Image.3.
  • Always keep in mind the picture of objects in camera and that in mirror are different in appearance.

Some of picture taken;

 How to take Photograph of yourself?

Image.3 Tilted Image for thinner image  

To get a perfect snap of yours follow the steps discussed above. You can get the outcomes as shown above.