Improving Product Quality – 8 Tips To Get You Started

Taking great photographs that have that magazine like quality is not luck, it takes practice and skill. It is like playing the violin, you cannot become first chair if you aren’t willing to put the time in. There are no short cuts to greatness, you have to practice, make mistakes, fix the problems and then practice even harder.

This is what it takes to establish a successfully business, and if you aren’t ready to dig in and give it your all then your dreams will never take flight. If you are one who will give it all or nothing then here are 8 tips that will get you on your way.

  1. Take many shots of the same product. If you only take 5-6 shots of a single product, the chances are you will not have the optimum shots that will show your product in its greatest light. Take at least 50-100 shots from a variety of angles. Sort through them to find the right ones. If there aren’t any really great ones go back to the drawing board.
  2. Find the place in your home that has the best lighting. The simplest way to do this is to take photos each hour in different areas of your home. It may take all day. But eventually you’ll have to shots that will show you where and we the light is just right in a certain room.
  3. You may have made a beautiful knitted scarf, but what customers really want to see is the texture of the items. Use the macro setting on your camera to get the best detailed shots.
  4. Editing is a very important part of the work you’ll do. Although not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on editing software. There are many free software programs, most computers, with a similar program. You don’t have to buy Photoshop, but it is important that you use something to edit the exposure. The contrast and brightness to make your picture really pop.
  5. Look at any successful online shop and there is one thing that you will see is that each product becomes the star of their own shot. This is done using the cropping feature in your photo editing software.
  6. Tissue using the medium that does not allow the customer to actually handle the merchandise, you have to remember to show your product in context. This means if you’re selling earrings, a shirt, a skirt or any other wearable item photograph them on a model. If you’re selling a candelabra show it with candles in it, these are the shots that make the sale.
  7. One of the biggest mistakes new online sellers make is to get over creative with their backgrounds in their photos. This is not to say that you have to always use of plain boring background you need to use a background that will allow the product to remain the customer’s center of attention. If you take photographs of the item with a teddy bear or cute kitten in the photograph. No one will pay attention to the item they will be focused in on those other things.
  8. White foam core posterboard can be purchased for less than a couple of dollars, this is one of the most inexpensive light reflectors you can purchase. If you’re checking photographs of a particular item and it keeps showing up dark will last the shadows use the board to reflect light to those areas.

Fabulous product photography is the greatest weapon in your marketing arsenal. Consumers shopped in online choose to purchase based on a product description and the photograph. Having a great camber and a working understanding of their camera and its lien setting is all you need to start building an online selling empire. In addition to these eight tips it is important also that you have a great DSLR camera with exchangeable lenses so that you have more flexibility in shooting. But if you cannot at this time afford to price tag up of a DSLR. Many of today’s smart phones will suffice.

Today’s iPhone, iPad and Android devices are capable of snapping high quality photos and many have their own photo editing software built in. If you want to compete with the experiences that a customer will receive in a brick-and-mortar type store. You have to give them different angles, different views and textured photographs.