How to take photos of Electronic products?

Electronic products now days are talk of the market. They have a huge market for them, as a huge market comes then second hand market also grows for them. Today people buy costly electronics items and when the newer version of that item is launched they are tempted to buy that and want to sell there older item. So the online shopping sites such as eBay, futurebazzar etc which deals in second hand product had come front. This site requires good photos of your items for marketing them. So this article deals in how to take good photographs of your electronics items. 

Image.1White Background Soot’s all the Photographs (source


  • Digital Camera
  • Cloth which is in contrast with the color of your subject.
  • Any basic photo editor will help.
  • Tripod if you have or any other support will do.

The Setup

First of all you will require a surrounding which has an even distribution of diffused light. Outdoor surrounding is always advantageous. If you are trying the indoor lights set the place near a window or some opening from where there is light coming from outside. Before setting the setup clean the subject with a smooth cloth so that the dust will not spoil the image. Avoid the backgrounds which are busy as such backgrounds can distract the attention of viewer from the subject. Also keep in mind the background must be contrast in color with the subject.


The Lights

Light plays an important role in the quality of image. Diffused light is the best solution as all the electronics things are evenly lighted in such lights. The shutter speed of 1/60 sec is required so the light should be in this proportion. If you are not able to determine the shutter speed, check the Camera Shake warning signal. If the available light is not bright enough to keep your camera stable then use a tripod for the stability. Again I will suggest not using the inbuilt camera flash. As using it will make the image photo with uneven light spreading. If there is no adjustment to shut the flash of mask it with a dark tape. If you are using incandescent or florescent light for lighting the camera you have to change the white balance setting to match the surrounding.


The Actual Photograph

You have to be parallel to the height of the notebook, and in the same level you have to take most of the photos, as you can’t shot the photo in one go. Also some of the photo must contain the side photographs; these photographs will reveal the condition of the subject. If your image appears to be tilt on one side edit it with the photo editor you have.


Avoiding the Barrel Distortion

Taking the photo at wide angle is the main reason for barrel distortion. In barrel distortion the position of the images appears to be skewed. But this distortion doesn’t look bad each time some time it is the necessity of the matter. This distortion can be avoided by increasing the distance between you and the subject. Use a lens with resolution 50mm for avoiding this distortion.

So this all steps can yield a good picture of your electronic item and even you can get a good bargain in case of price.