How to Take Photos at High Noon?

Photographers are generally renowned to buff emotional regarding blond hours at twilight and crack of dawn. Just imagine about them who sleep during half of the morning and drink during half of the evening. What’s interesting about this?

Photo shooting in dazzling hours of daylight seems to be something very exciting throughout. It’s really a very ordinary gaffe to abandon the midday as dreadful moment to shoot snaps. As an alternative of benevolent and thrashing in, the main thing is that there is the requirement to twist the circumstances to the required advantage.

high noon

Image 1: Photograph taken at Noon (Source)

Essential Requirements

  • A camera which has the resolution of 4 Mega Pixel.
  • The resolution can be above as well which can create better images.
  • The snap can be also taken with a mobile phone with similar configurations.
  • A favorable environment which suits according to the needs.


  • Never face the camera towards the light.
  • Replace the cap after every use.
  • Adjust the focus of the lens in the appropriate position.

High noon

Image 2: Photograph Taken at noon in Paris

Hindrances and Recommendations

  • Avoid any object that comes in picture.
  • An automatic timer is required in order to protect the shake of the camera during the time of releasing of the shutter.
  • Luminous lenses with maximum apertures of f/2.8 or wider is always recommended.

There are generally 4 ways which can craft high noon work and help to hit upon how out to take snaps: 

Look for the Gloominess

We make out gloom that is much darker in respect of the daylight in association. The gloom is tranquil quite bright on a sun-drenched day. Silhouette of a hefty tree is generally most excellent. It is imperative to keep an eye out for sizzling spots of light niggling between foliage.

Disseminate the Position

An apposite dissemination doodad might be a bit out of your budget. What exactly to be done is that a pretty good stand-in is made out of any color sheet and pipe. Remember to use a frame sheet also.

Enhance the Slit anyhow by Three Main Pauses

 For a digital camera it is always recommended to under represent than to over represent. The portion of the photo can’t be recuperated once the white value of the sensor is hit by light. Remember to switch the camera to the manual. Then bump the slit up a pause to dim everything. 


It’s really very interesting and charming to shoot photos at noon. This is also one of the most exciting works which just require some skill to perform well.

digital camera

Image3: Display settings of camera