How to colorize black and white photos online

There are many tools and applications you can use to colorize your old photos. Most of them are too much complicated for a common user. But there is a new website which is able to colorize the black and white photos online.

Colorize photos from Algorithmia is an online tools giving your old photos a fresh new look. It has this ambitions at least. You have two options how to provide your photo:

  1. Copy and paste the URL to your photo to the address field on Colorize.
  2. Click the Upload photo button and select the image file on your storage.

Then wait a while and voila – your colorized black and white photo is shown. Use the purple slider to swap between original black and white image and the colorized version.


If you don't have a black and white photo right now, you can try this online tool using a few samples provided. To be honest, I have tried several own photos but the results are far from the reality. But the tools should continuosly impove. And if you click the image with cows, you can see nearly usable result.