How to take photos of Jewelry?

Good quality of images of our Jewelry is rare and taking the photos of the same is an unsolved mystery. There are some techniques used by some professional photographers for taking the photo. These techniques are simple too. Some of the key features which a good photo of Jewelry has to contain are exposure, lightning, sharpness and in case of gemstones you must be able to create a sparkle in the stones.

Requirement for taking good photos of Jewelry 

Crisp and sharp focus is the basic requirement in case of photographs of Jewelry. Just put your camera in Spot Focus mode. If you know the procedure it is well and good, but if you don’t know get the procedure from the camera manual. In spot focus mode the camera will focus on wide area of the subject. In spot focus mode many digital cameras can’t well focus on the subject if we go near to the subject. So in this case a digital camera with a precise spot focus mode will be the requirement.

Another important requirement for a sharp image is the tripod you are using. Prefer a sturdy tripod instead of a clumsy one. 

Then comes the light in which the photo is been taken. Diffused soft light is the best for photo of Jewelry. Camera flash is not good for taking the photos of Jewelry, as Jewelry reflects 99% of light incident on it. Harsh and distracting shadow is also one of the drawbacks of camera flash. Use daylight compact fluorescent bulbs which are compact. This bulbs offers light which are natural in color and they also produce less heat. 


Image.2 The Glaring Effect in the Jewelry with Gem Stones (source) 

Steps for Taking Perfect Photos of Your Jewelry 

  • To avoid the shining effects in jewelry use enclosed light system. The reason is that this system wraps up the balanced light encircling the subject you are taking photo of. And the light is evenly distributed all over.
  • Perform a white balance in accordance with the light used.
  • Set the camera in manual mode.
  • In case of bands and rings keep the aperture of your camera to highest limit available.
  • Don’t forget to turn the camera flash off.


Image.3Photograph with a Good Background (source) 

Following these steps ensures good photographs of your jewelry. Taking the Jewelry photographs is a real headache to the jewelers. They have to hire professional photographers and spend a fortune on it. There is no need for all this; just following the steps discussed in the above article can give them a good outcome. Jewellery photography is mostly required in online selling of Jewellery. So taking a good photo of your Jewellery can attract many customers towards you.